8 Methods For Resolving Embarq 660 Modem Problems

embarq 660 modem problems
embarq 660 modem problems

The modems have become critical for every home and office because it’s the only way for the users to get access to high-quality wireless internet signals. For this reason, Embarq 660 modem has become a promising option with a 100Mbps Ethernet port to ensure seamless connectivity. However, there are a few problems associated with this modem, which is why we are sharing the troubleshooting guide!

Embarq 660 Modem Problems

1. Slow Internet Access In Specific Areas

Wi-Fi is the radio wave, which the router will broadcast the signals in different directions when placed at a central location. This means that when the router is placed in the corner of the home, it will cover the external part of the home rather than offering internet signals within the home. So, if you are struggling with slow internet in some parts of the home, it’s time to change the location of the modem and place it at a central location.

This is because when you put the modem closer, the internet reception will be better. In addition, if you have connected the modem with antennas, you need to adjust the antennas. To illustrate, you should divide the antennas into horizontal and vertical positions to help direct internet signals in different directions, leading to better internet connectivity.

2. Slow Internet Connection Everywhere

If your internet speed is slow wherever you use the device in the home, you could try opting for a direct Ethernet connection. This is because the wireless channel of the modem could be crowded, resulting in a slow internet connection. On the other hand, when you plug the modem’s internet wire directly into the device, it will create a direct internet connection, leading to better signals. In addition to this, you need to reset Embarq 660 to ensure there are no software configuration errors impacting the internet connection.

3. One Device Is Not Able To Connect To Wi-Fi

There are times when users complain about one device not connecting to the Wi-Fi connection. For the most part, this is a temporary network issue, which is why you should turn off the Embarq 660 modem and reboot it. However, if the turning off doesn’t work, you can try unplugging the modem and plug it back after thirty seconds. If the problem still persists, you need to delete the current internet network from the saved network list and reconnect it later.

4. Internet Connection Drop Down

When you are using Embarq 660, you need to be extremely particular about the Wi-Fi band. This is because it doesn’t work well when connected to a 2.4GHz band, or it could be congested. For this reason, you need to open the modem settings and choose the 5GHz internet band to enjoy better internet connectivity and limited hurdles. In addition to this, you should place the modems at a location where there are no interferences or hurdles.

5. Wi-Fi Disappears Out Of Nowhere

If you have started experiencing the Wi-Fi disappearance issue with your Embarq 660, there are chances that you haven’t configured the modem properly. To fix the problem, you should connect the desktop or laptop to an Ethernet cable and open the modem settings to configure the modem settings.

6. The Modem Connects But Has No Internet Access

Various users have complained about Embarq 660 connecting to the device but having no internet access. Honestly, this problem is pretty common, which is why you should reboot the modem by taking out the plug and plugging it again after five minutes. On the other hand, if the reboot doesn’t work, you should connect your modem to the laptop or desktop with the help of the Ethernet cable. If the problem still persists, there are high chances that you have an internet outage.

7. Modem Crashes & Requires Frequent Reboot

If your modem requires a regular reboot, the only solution is to opt for a full reset. Embarq 660 is designed with a special reset button, which can be held down with the help of a paperclip. The reset button should be pressed for thirty seconds, and it will revert back to the factory settings. Keep in mind that it will require proper configuration.

8. Overheating

Overheating is another issue associated with Embarq 660 modem, but it’s at no fault of its own. This is because the modem overheats when it is installed in the closed cabinets where they don’t get any ventilation. Having said that, you need to install the modem at a different location where they get proper ventilation.

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