6 Ways To Fix Eero Blinking White Issue

eero blinking white
eero blinking white

Eero is known to be the high-end entire home Wi-Fi system. The Wi-Fi system is responsible for streaming secure and fast internet speed to every corner of the room. However, if you have Eero blinking white issue, you have come to the right place. So, let’s check the troubleshooting methods for fixing the light!

Eero Blinking White

1) Software

When your Eero modem won’t stop blinking white, the first instinct must be checking the software. This is because the white light can blink when software is trying to run. That being said, if the software configuration is incorrect, has errors, or has incomplete installation, it will have a hard time starting up, hence the blinking white light.

To fix the software-related issues, you have to reset the router or reflash the software. The easy way around is checking out the Eero website and downloading the software update. That’s to say, because software updates have the bug fixes that can fix the errors. On the contrary, if the software update is not available on the Eero website, contact the Eero customer support and ask for assistance.

2) Internet Connection

In addition to the software issue, the white light might blink because the router is trying to connect to the internet signals. It usually happens when the internet connection is weak, and the signals are weak. However, this issue has to be fixed by your internet service provider. This is because the internet service provider has to troubleshoot the internet connection, and the Eero router will connect to the internet connection pretty easily.

3) Booting

When the white light blinks on the Eero router, it might be just trying to boot up. On the contrary, if it’s been long and the router is still booting up, there might be a power issue. First of all, it is better to switch off the Eero router and let it breathe for a while (ten minutes are enough). After ten minutes, you can connect the router to the power outlet again and see if the Eero router stops blinking white light. Also, always choose the power outlet that doesn’t have any fluctuation issues.

4) Soft Reset

The white blinking light on the Eero router can be fixed with the soft reset. The implementation of a soft reset will clear off the network configuration, but it will protect the sessions. It will ensure that Eero is on the network and the logs are saved. In addition, it will keep the IP reservations and advanced settings saved, along with the port forwarding.

For soft resetting the Eero router, you must press the reset button and let the LED light flash seven times, and take your finger off the button. Within a few seconds, the LED light will turn white (solid). That being said, the issue will be fixed!

5) Hard Reset

The soft reset will fix the minor issues with Eero, but the hard reset is for severe issues. The hard reset will clear up the network configurations, logs, and sessions. In addition, it will remove the Eero from the network connection. In case there is an active connection, you can also remove Eero from the network connection through the app.

In case you don’t know how to hard reset the Eero, you have to press the reset button until the LED light flashes red. You have to press the reset button for 15 seconds to turn the light red. If the hard reset is complete, the light will turn to flash blue, and you can start with the setup.

6) Light Issue

In case you have tried the mentioned solutions already, and the white light is still blinking, why don’t you get the light checked? This is because the light will keep blinking when it is fused, or another electrical component has blown. For this reason, you could connect with the technician who can open up the router and fix the mechanical or technical issues. In addition, he can replace the LED light if that has gone bad.

If the Eero still has the white blinking light, you can talk to the customer support of Eero. They can help troubleshoot the router or fix the mechanical issues by sending their official technician. Lastly, if the router is still in warranty, you could even get the replacement!

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