DTA Additional Outlet SVC Explained

dta additional outlet svc
dta additional outlet svc

The time has gone when cable TV would only stream the limited channels, and you would have to rely on them. As per today’s telecommunication and entertainment world, you need a variety of content to choose from. Xfinity by Comcast is popularly known for its downright smart internet, cable TV, voice, and digital services.

People buy their digital cable boxes and adaptor boxes to satisfy their streaming needs. However, few Xfinity users wonder what DTA additional outlet svc is and how does it charge. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. This article is solely about the Xfinity’s digital adaptor box services and their new names in the market.

Most Xfinity users don’t have prior knowledge about what they are being charged off. This post will help you get your facts straight about the Comcast’s additional services new terminologies. Many people are confused with their original terms.

DTA Additional Outlet SVC:

What Is Digital Outlet Service?

Digital Outlet service refers to when a Comcast subscriber owns a fully blown digital box or DTA box for their additional smart TV or Xfinity compatible TV. The digital outlet service usually allows you to have access to almost the entire Xfinity playback content.

Besides the playback content, this service lets you watch DVR content, Xfinity On-Demand content, and Pay per view content. That’s a lot, right? These are just the perks you get at the beginning. There are more to come once you become their permanent subscriber.

The services that the digital outlet charges you are $9.95 per month.

What Is DTA?

DTA stands for Digital transport or terminal adapter. It is a device used by many cable companies or digital smart cable provider companies that are willing to swap their usual cable services with complete or all-digital cable systems.

Here are some highlighting features of DTA additional outlet devices:

  1. DTA service devices usually have a Radio Frequency input to receive service messages.
  2. A modulated output is installed from channels 3 to 4.
  3. DTA additional outlets will have the feature of tuner changing channels.
  4. At the beginning of its spread, DTA devices are streaming the first 75 channels for any Xfinity cable set-top box.
  5. More media are expected to be part of the streaming content.

Here are some replaced names of Comcast cable services:

  • The service name of Digital Add’l Outlet Svc is replaced by Additional TV with TV Box.
  • Digital Add’l Outlet Svc with two Digital Converters is now called Service to add’l TVs with 2 TV Boxes.
  • The older service name is Digital Additional Outlet Service – DTA and the new one is Additional TV.
  • Finally, the Service to Additional TV with CableCARD is a new name for Digital Add’l Outlet Svc Includes CableCARD.

That’s all! You can refer to these names to not get confused by Comcast’s new cable service names.

Final Words:

The DTA additional outlet svc will entirely replace the conventional cable services. Some of the best telecommunication companies such as Xfinity by Comcast have already adapted their packages. We have put together the new names for the services above.

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