Is Cox Communications And Xfinity Related? Explained

is cox communications xfinity
is cox communications xfinity

Are you a news person? If you are, you’ve probably heard about the agreement between Cox and Comcast in which Comcast Select On Demand programs are agreed to be made be available to be selected on Cox Communication systems. So what’s the catch? Is Cox communication Xfinity (Comcast)? Read on to know more about the gory details of the matter.

About Cox Communication

Formerly known as Cox Broadcasting Corporation, Times Mirror Cable, and Dimension Cable Services, The Cox Communication is the third-largest cable television provider in the United States of America. Apart from cable TV Cox communication also offers high-speed Internet, home telephone with smart security solutions. Founded in February 1962 Cox Communication is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with a revenue of 11 Billion dollars. A total of 20000 workers are working in this seventh-largest telephone carrier in the states. It is an owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

About Xfinity

Comcast launched a company with a trading name of Xfinity to market Internet, wireless services, cable television, and telephone to the masses. Xfinity was founded back then in April 1981 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Its headquarters is also at the same location. David Watson was appointed as the CEO of Xfinity in 2017 and is still in the charge generating a revenue of 52.52 Billion dollars. With $23.7 billion in revenue in 2007, xfinity’s graph got a boost and ended up at $50.04 billion in 2016.

Is Cox communication and Xfinity related?

No doubt both the franchises are having the same line of work and the ongoing agreement but no, they are not related in any sense. Both are owned by different people and different shares and are business rivals at a point. Both are in the race along with AT&T, Verizon, DIRECTV, DISH, Spectrum, and Suddenlink, etc.

Perks Of Xfinity

Well to be honest, both the companies are trying hard to give their best to their costumers but surely and sadly there are always some faults. Some might be technical and some might be illogical. The number of TV channels provides by Cox is 140+ whereas Xfinity provides 260+ which obviously shows a great difference. According to, Xfinity has a customer satisfaction rate of 3.59 out of 5. Another good thing about Xfinity is that it is spread around the United States and can be found anywhere.

Perks Of Cox

Cox is slightly behind in this chapter as there are some areas where Cox services are not available. Cox has great deals when you subscribe to their Internet and phone services along with cable TV and is considered cheap than the others. Things will get expensive if you buy just the cable TV only. The Internet speed of both service providers is fast and reliable. When it comes to customer satisfaction, Cox communication takes the lead as the customer satisfaction rate is greater than its rival Xfinity. One good thing about Cox communication’s cable TV is that you can have a customizable channel lineup. For example, you can set your favorite TV channel’s number on your desired number and can easily memorize it. Furthermore, Xfinity’s X1 with a recording capacity of 100 hours of HD content and storage of about 500 GB. And it will cost you $10 only.

What’s Best for Customers?

These small aspects make the user happy. Pricing is another big area of competition for companies. The price of Cox communication is around $64.99 and goes up to $129.99 per month according to the plan you’ve subscribed. Whereas Xfinity’s domain lies around $49.99 till $124.99 making it cheaper than Cox communication. Talking about DVR systems, both the companies have been working hard in this lineup. Cox communication have a good DVR system but is a little expensive. Cox counter Record 6 from Cox Communication with the storage capacity of 2 TB and the recording capacity of up to 245+. You can have movie recommendations, manage recordings, get personalized shows, and can use it through a mobile app all in monthly $19.99.


Coming back to our questions Is Cox communication Xfinity? No, not entire, Although, they’re working on an agreement for the time being and planing to even extend it further to provide their customers with the best outcome of their cooperative services.

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