Does Coolsat Still Work?

does coolsat still work
does coolsat still work

Does Coolsat Still Work?

Although Coolsat receivers are not that common anymore, still some people may have them lying in the garage or even have working receivers in use. If you go to Amazon or eBay you will still find people selling the Coolsat receivers. While a general perception about these receivers is that the technology has surpassed these receivers and now they are of no use, this is not entirely true.

One of the most commonly used Coolsat receivers is the 6000 premium FTA receiver that features fast channel changing and channel scanning abilities. This receiver also has an extended memory of 32 MB that may not be a lot by today’s standards but was considered considerable back in the day. The Coolsat 6000 Premium used to come with a Universal Remote control that you can use to easily control the television.

Coolsat 6000 Premium is an FTA receiver that is designed to receive unencrypted broadcasts. Now if you have one of these lying around or a similar Coolsat receiver, or maybe you have run into someone selling these receivers for cheap, you may want to know as to if these receivers still work? Will you be able to watch television channels on these receivers or not?

Coolsat 6000 Premium and a few other models by Coolsat can receive the DVBS MPEG channels as well as the SD channels that use the DVBS format. So if you are planning on using the Coolsat 6000 premium you will be able to watch many DVBS MPEG channels and some SD channels using DVBS formation on the G19 KU @97 w. However, these channels will most probably be International channels from foreign countries. For most of the television viewers in the US, these channels are of little or no interest. However, if you want to watch International channels then Coolsat 6000 Premium or some other Coolsat receiver may just be fine for you.

On the other hand, if you are planning on watching the mainstream channels then there is bad news for you. Most of the channels have migrated to HD and they use DVB S2 MPEG4 format that is not supported by Coolsat receivers. Some new UHD channels that were launched recently use the DVB S2 HEVC 10 bit. This is also a newer format and is not supported by Coolsat 6000 Premium receiver.

Another important thing to remember is that you may still be able to catch quite a few channels on your Coolsat receivers. You may be able to catch more channels than you expect. However, chances are that many of the channels will have different frequencies than before and their names may also have been changed. So if you are looking for a particular channel on your Coolsat receiver that you expect to receive but you are unable to find it, there may be two possibilities.

Firstly, that channel may have moved to better technology and you may not be able to receive it at all. Or secondly, it may still be available but with a different name. So keep these things in mind when looking for channels on your Coolsat receiver.

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