Do You Tip Verizon FiOS Installers? (Explained)

do you tip verizon fios installers
do you tip verizon fios installers

Verizon Wireless or also commonly known just as Verizon is an American company. The main focus for them is providing telecommunication products and services to their users. This brand is considered to be the second-largest wireless carrier in the US.

The carrier service provided by them allows users to make calls, send texts and even get access to the internet. These can all be used either through the standard charges. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a package that will allow you to use these services according to the bandwidth allocated to you.

Verizon FiOS

Talking about the services from Verizon, one of these is known as Verizon FiOS. This is a new service that uses optical fiber lines to transmit data instead of using regular copper ones. If you are already familiar with fiber optic wires then you will know that these transfer data at a notably higher speed than the common wires.

These are used to provide an internet connection, phone signals as well as both phone and TV signals to the users. While a lot of companies have now switched to these wires. They usually use a node that uses these wires to transmit the data to your neighborhood. It is then forwarded to the homes through simple copper wires. However, Verizon FiOS uses fiber optic wires to send data directly to the users’ homes.

Why Are Fiber Services Faster?

If you do not already know about these wires then you might be wondering why they are faster than copper ones. This is because fiber optic wires use small glass strands in them. These reflect the data between them at almost the speed of light. They are also capable of transferring a vastly larger amount of information than copper wires. Lastly, these are also much more efficient and will last you longer times without any problems. The reason for this is that fiber optic wires are less susceptible to damage than regular ones.

Do You Tip Verizon FiOS Installers?

If you want to use this service at your home then you can easily contact Verizon. They will send an installer from their team to set up all the wiring for you. They will make sure to follow your instructions and install all the wiring to your desired locations. Considering this, it might even take the guy a whole day or sometimes even more time to set up all of this wiring. Talking about this, you might think about giving the installer a tip. In this case, you should note that this usually depends on you. FiOS tech guys usually receive well-deserved pay from the company.

This is mostly through an hourly rate. They are usually instructed to help you out and even guide you about this technology. In most cases, these installers won’t even expect a tip from you. However, if you still feel like giving them one then you should tip them at least 20$. Although, this mostly depends on the har work that they did. If you are still confused then think if you tip your TV installer and cable guy as well. You can then tip the FiOS installer accordingly.

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