Do Routers Wear Out? (Answered)

do routers wear out
do routers wear out

Routers are important for accessing high-speed internet connections. In the same vein, choosing the right router is important because it can impact the internet speed. For everyone wondering, “do routers wear out?” the answer is that yes, routers do wear out. In this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about routers wearing out and the lifecycle!

Lifespan of Routers

Usually, the routers last around three to four years. That’s to say because, after this long, you should switch to a new router. This is because your router might not show visible and physical wear, but their components will wear out, leading to slower performance.

Do Routers Wear Out?

In this section, we have outlined multiple reasons that can lead to wearing out of the router. So, have a look!

1. Heat Stress

Generally, the routers tend to wear out from heat stress. The components and hardware will become too hot due to constant functioning. If the heating issue isn’t taken care of, the router will wear out. This long-term exposure of the router to heat will lead to component failure and degrading, which can lead to intermittent problems.

This is because the household and consumer routers are designed with regular standard components, which will wear out too soon. The heat stress can also occur when you place the router near the window. That’s to say because the router placed near the window will lead to constant exposure to the sun. So, you should place the router with proper air circulation, so the heating is taken care of.

2. Dust

For people who have placed the router on the floor, the dust can build up in the router’s nooks and ports, which can lead to router’s wear and tour. In this case, you should use the compressed air that helps blow the dust-clogged ports and vents to make sure you eliminate the dust. You can get the compressed air from any hardware store.

On the other hand, if you still have the dust clogged in the vents, you can use the cotton swab to scoop out and clean the vents. However, make sure you are using the scooping motion because if you opt for poking, it will drive in the dust even away, hence difficult to clean up.

3. Restricted Flow

On top of everything, if you shove the router in between your books on the shelf, there will be no air circulation. This reduced airflow will also lead to excessive heating, hence the higher chances of router wearing. So, you should always keep the router in an open space so that there are proper air circulation and ventilation, promising a longer lifespan.

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