7 Common Dish Receiver VIP211K Problems & Solutions

Dish Receiver VIP211K Problems
Dish Receiver VIP211K Problems

VIP211K is a dish receiver that is offered by the Dish network to the customer who is intending to watch HD. But before you started using your VIP211K dish receiver you must know all the possibilities of problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Below we have listed a troubleshooting guide that is given by the Dish network VIP211K user manual.

Dish Receiver VIP211K Problems

Reasons For Problems

  1. Your dish receiver can face a problem with your multi dish switch. The message that appears on your screen will be 001.
  2. With the message number 002, the possible reason for the error is a cloudy Sky or heavy rainfall that has created hindrance for the satellite signal and there is a lack of transmission.
  3. The error code 003 and 004 both occur in case of the wrong cable used in the system. These error codes can also occur in case of extra lengthy cable.
  4. Code 005 occurs in case if the receiver is not directly connected with the system. This can occur due to moisture or loosening of the connection cable.
  5. Another code is 006 which occurs when the receiver is not properly connected with the inactivated telephone line.
  6. There are these codes 011 and 012 and these codes are seen in case a certain area is not allowed for watching a few programs.
  7. Code 013 and 014 are seen on the screen when you try to tune your receiver for the channel that you have not paid for.

Troubleshooting Ways

  1. In case of a problem with multi dishes in which you can check your coaxial cables to ensure proper connections. You must also make sure that all the cables are dry and tight.
  2. When there is a cloudy weather hindrance is formed between the satellite Signals and receiver then you can check the local weather condition and remove any snow pile that has been collected upon the satellite dish.
  3. Make sure that your satellite dish is directly pointing towards the satellite so that the signals are received with the highest strength.
  4. In the case of an inappropriate coaxial cable used in the system, you can call your service provider or the installer to resolve this problem.
  5. In the case of the receiver not electronically linking with the system, you can check if the receiver is authorized. You must also make sure that the Satellite dish is at a position that has been clear side to the satellite.
  6. If your receiver is not connected to a telephone line then you must immediately be connected to an active telephone connection. If you already have more than one receiver then you can connect each of them to an active telephone line connection.
  7. If you are trying to watch some prohibited program then you must remember that program providers will specify in which area you can watch that content and not the Dish network.

Hopefully, this blog was helpful enough for knowing more about Problems and troubleshooting ways of SlingPlayer.

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