Dish Signal Code 31-12-45 (Possible Reasons & Fixes)

dish signal code 31-12-45
dish signal code 31-12-45

There are numerous Dish signal codes which can appear on your screen in case of the most common problem that is signal loss. Having a satellite dish for your TV is a good idea and is way cheaper than any other option but it can bring you some problems like losing signals when it’s a bad weather day. Not only this you can also lose signals because of so many other reasons like in case of any obstruction and stormy weather as well. Despite having this minor problem of signal loss there are also many other benefits of owning a satellite Dish TV.

Satellite Dish TV will have a larger range of channels with different globally broadcasted channels. If you have your satellite dish it is a wonderful thing as you can avail free channels through FTA. This can be very budget-friendly and also user friendly as it can be fixed and adjusted on your own. Satellites need alignment in case of any signal obstruction and this element can be done by yourself as it does not require any professional’s help.

When purchasing your receivers you can see some very low-priced satellite dishes and that can be a scam as satellite dishes are mostly leased by the service providers. The service providers of these cheaply sold satellites will not let the satellite dish accept signals until you have not got that registered in your name. So make sure that if you are planning to watch TV through a service provider then go for the leased satellite dish otherwise you must check your nearby store or reliable site for purchasing a receiver.

Dish Signal Code 31-12-45

Regardless, loss of signal cannot only occur in case if the service provider has blocked the signal but it can also occur even if you are a regular customer.

4 Major Reasons for Having Loss Of Signals

  1. Stormy or bad weather
  2. Glitched device.
  3. Obstruction due to high rise buildings.
  4. Obstructed or loosened wires connected.

Easy Ways To Troubleshoot Signal Loss Error

First Strategy

  1. Just in case if you have relocated your receiver to any other room then you immediately need to put it back to its original location so that it starts working again.
  2. Secondly, you must make sure that all the cables of the receiver are connected properly to the TV.
  3. In case if you want your receiver to be shifted to another room then you can take assistance from a professional so that the work gets done professionally.

Second strategy:

  1. You must check that if there is any obstruction you can easily see between your dish and the sky, for example, a new building tree or any bird’s nest.
  2. If you see any obstruction near to your range like a tree then you can remove it yourself otherwise take help from the professional.

Third Strategy

  1. Bad weather can temporarily make you lose the signals so meanwhile, you can watch different recorded TV shows or on-demand TV shows if you have a receiver connected to the internet

Hopefully, this blog was helpful enough to resolve your error code easily. However, you can also try to restart your receiver which is the most basic method to resolve error codes.

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  1. Its always the cheap cable connectors they put on, they say they have corrosion on them because we live by a lake, I call **, put decent connectors on !

  2. The network I’ve had over 20 years now says there’s some form of blocking but nothing’s changed I’ve not moved anything I keep getting thus 31 12 46 on my screen and this is After they came to fix it!!!!! Bad service on fixing problems They caused

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