DirecTV Genie Box Freezing: 5 Ways To Fix

directv genie box freezing
directv genie box freezing

DirecTV Genie is the HD DVR that allows users to enjoy HD DVR services wherever they want. It doesn’t need a different DVR for every room and it can even record five shows in HD at one time. For this purpose, it has become the ultimate HD DVR that people like but they complain about DirecTV Genie box freezing. So, are you ready to find out the solutions?

DirecTV Genie Box Freezing

1) Signal Issue

For the most part, the box freezes when there are issues with the signal. This is because whenever the TV signals are disrupted, the functionality of the DVR will be impacted and freezing is one of the consequences. In addition to signal disruption, freezing also occurs due to weak signals. In this case, the optimum solution is changing the position of the DVR.

This is because the DVR might not be receiving the signals at the current position. So, we suggest that you position the DVR in an open or well-ventilated area to ensure it receives enough signals. This is highly likely to resolve the signal disruption issue. However, if you have a weak signal issue causing the freezing problem, you must call DirecTV customer support and ask them to fix the signals.

2) Weather

When your DirecTV Genie keeps freezing, there are chances that there are weather issues. This is because the weather issues can cause signal disruption. For instance, if the snow is accumulated or the weather is stormy, it can result in signal loss. So, if you some extreme weather outside, just wait for it to pass and the functionality will improve.

3) Broadcasting Issue

If the weather is fine but the freezing is still the issue, there are chances of playback issues. This is because in various cases, the broadcast or show is having errors that shows freezing on your DVR. To fix this issue, we suggest that you change the channel or opt for a different live program to see if the broadcast is errored. If other channels are working fine, you can only wait for the broadcast to be fixed by the owner.

4) Reboot

The freezing issue can be resolved by rebooting the TV as well as the DVR. For rebooting, you have to unplug the TV and DirecTV Genie box from the power connection and let them be for at least ten seconds. Then, switch on the TV and then the DVR. The DVR will take a few minutes to work properly and connect to the TV, so wait. Once the connection is established automatically, you are likely to see improvement in the freezing issue.

5) Outage

In multiple cases, the DirecTV Genie box freezes because there is an outage on the DirecTV network. For checking the outage, you can open the outage reporting page and enter the zip code to determine if your area has an outage. If the outage is there, DirecTV will work on restoring the issue. The outage recovery might take a few hours, so hold tight and wait for the fix by the authorities!

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