3 Fixes For DirecTV Home Network Interference Problem

directv home network interference problem
directv home network interference problem

If you are someone who enjoys watching movies, TV shows, and news channels after a long time. Then there are some things that you need to keep in mind. The regular cable service requires people to set up a coaxial wirings setup before they can start using their TVs. The process can take a lot of time and effort which is why users have started using alternatives. This is where the streaming and satellite services from DirecTV come in. The only thing that you have to do is install a receiver and antenna in your home. The device will then catch signals coming from the satellites to provide you with a stable cable.

While this is amazing, there are also a few issues that you can run into with the product. Considering this, we will be discussing things that can cause an interference problem on DirecTV in your home along with ways to deal with them.

DirecTV Home Network Interference Problem

  1. Check Wirings

One of the most common reasons why you can get a DirecTV home network interference problem is if the wirings for it are not installed properly. The configurations required to set up the device have to be followed carefully.

If you are missing any wires, or if these are in the wrong order then your DirecTV home network will not work. Considering this, start by finding the manual provided along with your DirecTV device and then consult it to understand how the wirings should be set up. If the order you were using is correct, then make sure that none of the cables are loose.

You can disconnect them and then install them back in tightly to fix the issue. Other than this, people can also observe the cables which help them in identifying broken or damaged wires. All of these should be replaced with new ones so that you can continue using your DirecTV home network device.

  1. Check Packet Loss

Another common reason why you can get this problem is if your DirecTV home network interference is getting packet loss on it. This can be quite annoying as it prevents people from using television while the problem persists. Although, you should note that packet loss is mainly an issue from the backend so there is not much that you can do about it.

Before getting into troubleshooting steps, it is best that you first confirm the problem. This will require you to open the home page of DirecTV. Now press the “Right Arrow” on your remote and the “Guide Button” at the same time. You will have to repeat this a few times as the timing should be accurate. Although, if done properly then you will be brought to the configuration page where a list of options is available. Select the “COAX” tab on the left and then it should provide you with all the details about the DECA Nodes used on this device.

You can go through them to see how much loss you are getting on the different nodes. If some of these are above 45% then that is why you are getting problems. Sometimes replacing the cables for these can help in fixing the problem. However, if it does not then your only option is to contact the company and notify them about the issue.

  1. Firmware Problems

Finally, one more reason why you can get a DirecTV home network interference problem is if your receiver is running an older firmware. These are updated files released by brands after every few months. The patch upgrades the software on your device and even adds newer features to it.

Any problems that were reported on the prior firmware get fixed which allows people to continue using the device without any errors. Considering this, make sure that you keep your receiver updated to the latest firmware at all times. You can easily do this by accessing the settings on your DirecTV receiver and then selecting the “Search for updates” tab.

Make sure that your device is connected to the internet or antenna during this process and then wait patiently. Once your firmware gets updated, the device should now start working without any further errors. Another way to update the firmware is by resetting the receiver. Although, this will also clear any configuration changes that you had made to your device.

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