3 Ways To Deal With Thunderbird Junk Filter Not Working

thunderbird junk filter not working
thunderbird junk filter not working

Most business owners and even smaller offices now require a stable internet connection. This is because most of the work requires having a network where they can share information. Not only does this make work efficient but it can also help in finishing it quickly. Although, you need to note that these require you to have proper equipment and software to access them. Considering this, you will notice businesses requiring a secure and simple-to-use email having Mozilla Thunderbird on their computers. This is a well-known email service that comes with tons of features.

While it can be amazing to use, there are also some problems that you can run into when using it. One common complaint from users is that the Thunderbird junk filter is not working. If you are getting the same issue, then going through this article should help you in getting rid of it.

Solutions For The Thunderbird Junk Filter Not Working

  1. Re-Start Browser

Sometimes the problem you are getting can be from your browser running into errors. These applications store a lot of data on them which helps them in working efficiently. Considering this, if you had not closed your browser for a long time then its memory might be clogged.

You must reboot it once a day or even a week depending on your usage. Usually, simply closing the application and then waiting for some time should be enough to solve issues with the Thunderbird mail. However, in some cases, the user might also be required to reboot their computer.

  1. Cache Files

The simple reboot usually clears all the cache files from your browser which helps in loading websites and applications on it easily. Although, mailing services like Thunderbird also use cookies that stay on your computer even after you reboot it.

Considering this, you will have to manually remove all the temporary and cache files from your browser by accessing its settings. Make sure that you only remove these and not your saved passwords along with them. Once done, reboot your browser and then try opening Thunderbird again. The junk filter on it should now start working without any further errors.

  1. Resetting Junk Filter

If you are still getting the same problem even after going through the steps mentioned above, then your junk filter might have something stuck on it. You can easily reset it by accessing the settings on Thunderbird. Start by disabling the junk processing feature and then proceed to clear the folder.

You can now reboot Thunderbird and then access the settings again to enable the feature. This causes the email service to create a new junk folder that should start working properly. However, if you notice that the problem persists then your only option is to contact the support team for Thunderbird.

Notify them about your issue and make sure that you do not leave out any details. If done properly then the support team should be able to provide you with a simple solution that can be used.

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