3 Methods To Connect TiVo Box to the Internet

how to connect tivo box to internet
how to connect tivo box to internet

Watching TV shows and movies can be a lot of fun. Some people do this as a hobby while others just enjoy a short film while they are bored. Whatever the case might be, you should note that there are some requirements before you can watch these shows. People have to either get a cable service installed in their homes which takes a lot of time. On the other hand, another option is that you get a TV box like the TiVo box. This is an amazing device that comes with tons of features. One of these is DVR which allows people to record live shows. You can then watch these later on whenever you want to even if you don’t have an internet connection. With that being said, some people wonder how to connect the TiVo box to the internet. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can do it.

How To Connect TiVo Box to the Internet

When it comes to using the TiVo box, you will notice that most of its features require having an internet connection. This is why you must understand how this can be done. Before you get into the different methods, you should note that all of these work similarly. Depending on which ones suit you better, you can easily select one and use it.

Method 1: Wireless

  1. Start by plugging in your TiVo box and switching it on.
  2. Now browse through the main home page to find the settings tab.
  3. Clicking on it should show you several features that can be used. However, the user has to select the wireless connection tab from here.
  4. Now your device will start looking for routers nearby it and provide you with a complete list. Select your preferred network from the options.
  5. Enter your credentials carefully to proceed with the connection.
  6. The device should now be connected to the internet, and you can continue using it.

Method 2: Ethernet

  1. Similar to the first step, the user has to plug their TiVo box into an electrical outlet first.
  2. Once the box starts up, you can use an ethernet cable and plug it inside the TiVo box.
  3. Now connect the second end of your cable inside your router or modem.
  4. Make sure that the cable is plugged inside the output ethernet socket.
  5. Once done, the internet should start working without any issues.
  6. In some cases, the TiVo box might ask you what your preferred network is. If this happens then select ethernet cable to proceed with your connection.

Method 3: MoCA

  1. Just like the steps mentioned above, install the TiVo box in a position you feel comfortable with. You can then proceed to start it up.
  2. Now you need to use a coaxial cable and install it on the back of the device. Make sure that you plug in the cable tightly as this is necessary.
  3. Once done, the user can then connect the second end of the cable inside their adapter and connect it to the internet.
  4. Keep in mind, that several adapters and wires will be required when using a MoCA connection. This is why it is only recommended that you use it if you have a network that requires it.

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