How To Update DirectTV Genie 2 Software? Explained

directv genie 2 software update
directv genie 2 software update

DirecTV is one of the best things that you can possibly get to have the right TV streaming experience for you. They are offering you access to tons of different channels all in a single place and not only that, but you also get to enjoy the right edge of comfort and convenient with stable service.

To top it all, you also enjoy the best streaming quality with the audio and video as well making it just the perfect choice for you to have DirecTV subscription for all the TVs that you have at your place. A few things that you need to know about DirecTV Genie and its software updates are:

DirecTV Genie 2

DirecTV Genie 2 is the best thing that you can get, as it is the highly enhanced version of the DVR that allows you to enjoy the best possible experience with all sorts of streaming needs that you might have.

It also supports optimal connectivity with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that helps you out perfectly to have different applications and better streaming quality on the DirecTV Genie box as well.

Moving forward, you will also be enjoying the best possible streaming as it supports up to 4K HD resolution and that will help you to ensure that you are not missing out on anything and enjoy the perfect experience that you seek. A few things about the software update that you will need to know about are:

Is it Possible?

Yes, it is entirely possible as DirecTV is not only offering the speed and performance on the DirecTV Genie 2, but you also get to enjoy the perfect support from DirecTV as well and that makes it certain for you to have the right experience that you seek. With the Wi-Fi connectivity on the DirecTV Genie 2, you can easily download the software update and install it on the device.

How To Update DirectTV Genie 2 Software?

There are two ways for you to do that, and it is pretty easy to install an update on your DirecTV Genie 2. All you will need to do in order to get this sorted out is to ensure that you are running a power cycle on your DirecTV Genie 2.

To do that, you will have to take out all the cables from your DirecTV Genie 2 box, and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, you can plug back in all the cables and that will automatically not only reset the DirecTV Genie 2 for you but it will also search for and install the latest version of firmware on the box.

If that is not working out for you due to some reasons, you will need to force an update manually and that is not difficult either. In order to get that sorted out, all you will have to do is press 0 2 4 6 8 in the same order on the first blue boot screen.

You will have to make sure that you are pressing the keys slowly in the same order and that is going to help you out with the software update.

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