How To Update Hopper 3 Software Manually?

how to update hopper 3 software manually
how to update hopper 3 software manually

For those who don’t know, Hopper 3 is the well-integrated DVR system that was launched by DISH. It allows the users to record the streaming shows and you can play it on the TV. In addition, it is a perfect device for streaming live programs.

Hopper 3 must be regularly updated to ensure you get the right results and the performance is optimized. With this article, we are talking about how to update Hopper 3 software manually. Are you ready to check out the details?

How To Update Hopper 3 Software Manually?

DISH regularly launches the Hopper 3 software because it streamlines the functionality and features. However, it can be hard to update the software but we are sharing the instructions with you, such as;

  • When we talk about the automatic updates, you must keep the Hopper 3 plugged into the phone lines all the time to ensure proper updates. Moreover, don’t forget to keep the device plugged in at night because it can update easily. This is important because the phone line tends to be busy during the day, so keep it plugged in
  • On the other hand, if you want to download the Hopper 3 software manually, you have to download the Upgrade software tool on the device. When the device is connected to the internet, it will scan for the update (don’t forget to plug in Hopper 3 because the upgrade software tool needs it to scan the software update). If the software update is available, choose the install option and the software update will be installed. You might have to reboot your Hopper 3 device to apply the new software update

When we talk about manually updating the Hopper 3 software, you have to reboot the device by plugging out the device for ten seconds. When the Hopper 3 device switches on, press the options buttons and it will bring up more options.

Now, choose the TV activity option and you will be able to see if the update is installed or not (once you download the software update with the upgrade software tool). If the software upgrade is not installed, you have to call DISH customer support.

Updating The DISH Guide

When it comes down to updating the software of Hopper 3, you also have to update the DISH guide. This is because some people have been unable to access proper DVR features if they don’t update the DISH guide. That being said, we suggest that you update the guide and you can check out the instructions below for this;

  • First of all, look for the power button on the receiver (it might be at the front or at the underside of the panel)
  • You have to hold the power button until the DISH receiver switches off and plug out the power cord from the power source
  • Now, wait for fifteen seconds and plug it back inside, and don’t forget to press the power button
  • Let the device load properly and hit the OK button for updating the program guide. Now, just wait for a bit and the update will be completed

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