Xfinity Cable Box Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

xfinity cable box not working
xfinity cable box not working

Xfinity is not only one of the best ISPs in the US but they are also offering some super cool features that allow you to enjoy all the perks of having a complete communication and entertainment package. Xfinity covers Telephone, Internet, and Cable TV under a single subscription so that you can enjoy all these services without having to go through the hassle of multiple clusters of wires or managing different subscriptions at once. Since Xfinity has only one line, you might need to use a device called Xfinity box to use Cable TV services on your home TVs. Let’s have a look at what it is and how it works before we get into how we can fix any possible issues with the box.

Xfinity Cable Box Not Working

Xfinity Cable TV box is sort of a DVR box that converts the analog signals being transferred over the cable to digital data that is transmitted on your Television. The box does not only provide you with the high-quality transmission with audio and video but also lets you enjoy some cool features such as pausing, recording, or rewinding your favorite shows, programs, and more. However, there are certain errors that can occur with the box like any other electronic equipment and if your Xfinity Cable Box is not working fine, you can do these troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix the issue.

1) Check Power Cord

The most common reason for Cable Box not working is a power cord that is not properly plugged in, or the switch is turned off by mistake. Also, the power inlet on the cable box should be plugged in properly. You need to make sure that the Cable box is getting the right power to work without any problems.

2) Check input/output cables

There are two cables that you can notice on the Cable box. One cable is the main connection that is from the server and transmits the signals to your Cable box. The other one is transmitting digital data from the Cable box to your TV. You need to ensure that both these cables are plugged in tightly and not just hanging loose. Also, make sure that both these cables have proper connectors that are in good health. This will ensure that communication to and from your Cable box is taking place correctly and that is not causing trouble for you.

3) Restart your Cable Box

Sometimes your cable box can be stuck at some program and that can cause it to not work properly or stop working at all. Restarting the cable box will solve the issue for you. All you have to do is long-press the power button and then turn it back on. It will take 10-15 seconds to reboot and will start working as good as new. You can also try plugging out the power cable and plugging it back in the cable box without removing it from the wall outlet.

4) Reset the box

If none of the above solutions are working for you, there can be an error on the box caused by some settings. You will need to reset the box to default settings for it to work properly. Resetting usually works for most of the devices, and to rest your Xfinity cable box. You will need to long-press the power button and hold it for 10-15 seconds. The screen on your Xfinity Cable box will go blank and it will flash boot on it. You need to keep pressing the button until Boot flashes on the screen. After you reset, the Xfinity box can take around 10 minutes to boot again, so wait patiently for it to work.

5) Consult a technician

After you have tried all of the solutions above, but your Xfinity Cable box is still not working, it is time that you take it to a technician. Make sure that you take your cable box to an Xfinity authorized technician as they will not only be able to see if the box is repairable and fix the issue for you but also replace the Cable box for you if needed. Unauthorized technicians can cause you to have the warranty on your cable box void.

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  1. You shouldn’t have to go through all of this nonsense. Our TVs were working fine with the old boxes. WE decided to update the boxes to “be current”. Well now we have 1 TV that works great but the other 2 TV’s (that have the smaller boxes) only get 1 channel.
    Very frustrating. And when you call Cust Service you get a person reading from the playbook that has no idea on the problem (after waiting for a long time)

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