6 Ways To Fix Cox Homelife Camera Not Working

cox homelife camera not working
cox homelife camera not working

Cox has various products and services designed and Homelife camera is one of them. With Homelife cameras, users can set the video recording rules, take pictures, and access the live video clips. It helps keep an eye on the whereabouts. In case the Cox Homelife camera not working error is there, you can follow the below-mentioned fixes for fixing this issue!

How To Fix Cox Homelife Camera Not Working?

1. Wireless Strength

The Cox Homelife cameras need strong wireless strength to work properly. With this being said, one needs to check for the environmental hurdles between the security router and camera, such as microwaves, TV, mirrors, or refrigerators. If there are any hurdles, remove them because they can cause wireless signal issues.

Secondly, you could try confirming the network configuration because it must be optimally set for ensuring proper connectivity, hence proper functionality. Thirdly, never place the touchscreen directly to the router or wireless devices. Lastly, you can try relocating the Homelife camera.

2. Power

Well, it’s pretty obvious that the Homelife camera needs power to work and function. So, make sure that the camera is properly connected to power; try checking the power sockets or sources. Once you optimize the power sources, just retest the Homelife camera and it will work. To begin with, green lights on the camera must be switched on.

In case you are inserting the card into the GFI outlet, resetting it will work. Lastly, you could try connecting the Homelife camera to the electrical device. Once you optimize the power source and connectivity to the power source, the Homelife camera is likely to start working.

3. Face of Camera

Dust is the biggest enemy of Homelife camera functionality. This is because dust and debris can lead to functionality issues. So, check the face of the camera and use a clean cloth for removing the dust and debris. Once you clean the face of the camera and relevant ports, check the camera again and it will start working like it used to.

4. Reposition

When your Homelife camera is not positioned properly, it will not work; it’s as simple as that! For this reason, you must not position the Homelife camera under direct sunlight. In addition, don’t position the camera where moving shadows can be created. Once the camera is repositioned at the right location, it will work optimally!

5. Rules

To begin with, there are chances that you have set the incorrect rules that are causing the functionality issues. First of all, sign in to the app (yes, the Homelife app) and go to the rules menu. Then, go to the square adjustment for modifying the rules; you can also check when the Homelife camera will work and when it won’t.

6. Motion Sensitivity

If there are incorrect motion sensitivity settings on the Homelife camera, it will impact the functionality. With this being said, sign into the Homelife app and open the manage devices option. Then, choose the camera option and hit the edit button. From this tab, you can adjust the camera sensitivity that aligns with the needs of camera functionality.

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