6 Ways To Fix Mediacom Local Channels Not Working

mediacom local channels not working
mediacom local channels not working

Mediacom is one of the prime choices for everyone in need of a phone, internet, and TV plans. For this reason, people often choose these services, and the availability of local channels is a top-notch feature. In the same way, Mediacom local channels not working can be frustrating but we can solve the error by following the troubleshooting methods in this article!

How To Fix Mediacom Local Channels Not Working?

1. Power

To begin with, the Mediacom box should be properly switched on to ensure channels are available. This is because the power interruptions might be causing channel errors. It is better to choose a promising power source that doesn’t have voltage issues.

2. Subscription

When it comes down to the inaccessibility of local channels, there are chances that you haven’t subscribed to the plan with local channels. In the same way, you can call Mediacom and have them check if local channels are available in the plan. On the contrary, it’s also possible that you have subscribed to a plan which doesn’t have local channels. So, get the subscription or plan checked.

3. Cables

Truth be told, people don’t pay heed to the cables but it can be a real culprit. For this reason, it’s better that you check the cables and look for internal issues. The users can opt for the multimeter to check the continuity of the cables. In case there are continuity issues, you will need to replace the cables. This is important because damaged cables can lead to signal interruptions, hence the inability to access local channels.

In addition to this, if there are continuity issues with the cables, the cables might be loose. For instance, there are HDTV cables and HDMI cables, along with coax cable. So, check the cables and ensure that all of them are plugged in tightly.

4. TV Input

In case you have been using the TV with DVD movies or video games, there are chances of incorrect TV input that’s causing the accessibility issues with local channels. For this reason, hit the input button on the TV and choose from the available options, such as CATV, Video 1, Input 1, CAB, AV1, and Antenna 1. With this being said, check the manual and choose the suitable input that’s apt for accessing the local channels.

5. Set-top Box

The inability to access local channels might be because of software configuration or other issues on the Mediacom set-top box. So, it’s better that you reboot the set-top box by removing the power cable and wait for at least one minute before putting in the power cable again. Once the set-top box switches on, try accessing the local channels again (you will be successful, of course).

6. Service

In case the troubleshooting methods are not solving this issue, it’s a high chance that the backend service is not operating aptly. For instance, there are chances that servers are down or there are issues with their cables that are leading to local channel availability issues. We suggest that you call Mediacom customer support and they will provide better assistance. Lastly, they can confirm the service outage!

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