24719 Text Message: Your Phone Requires A Software Update

24719 your phone requires a software update
24719 your phone requires a software update

24719: Your Phone Requires A Software Update

The need for unhindered communication has become utterly important. In the past few years, technology has improved and smartphones have cranked up the notch. However, these smartphones work properly only when the apps are updated and you’ve installed the correct software. On the other hand, people are receiving text messages from 24719.

This message asks the users to go for an update. Whenever you receive such a message, it is advised to connect to the Wi-Fi network and tap on the install button. But the problem arises when the notifications just won’t go away. Some people are also considering these messages the scam ones. In addition, if the message comes with a link, it is better not to click on it.

That’s to say because clicking the links from unknown sources will only disrupt the operating system. Even if you have to update the apps, use Google Play Store on Android phones. In addition, if you want to update the Samsung apps, Samsung Galaxy Store is an authentic choice. It is advised to block messages from such numbers.

Is It A Hacking Move?

Recently, iOS 8 has been launched for iPhone users which tends to have a more complicated outlook as compared to the Android users. In the same vein, an Android app has been released with malicious content, which tends to impersonate the authentic apps and showcase itself as the software update. As for the app, it cannot root the phone on its own.

This app is usually used to check the rooting through root commands and tools for better operations. This malicious app tends to monitor the text messages as well as incoming calls. In some cases, it has been sending unauthorized and unpermitted text messages. You might think this is short-term but it can impose multiple impacts on the security standards.

That’s to say because these hackers not only manipulate the texts but they sign you up for the services that you don’t even know about. Similarly, they can update different apps from your phone or extract personal information. It is essential to note that these fake app update messages lead to additional app downloads (which can be pretty dangerous, since there is uncertainty).

According to the Malwarebytes, these fake app updates and text messages arise from China through URLs. Such attacks are usually regionalized but it can adversely impact other target audiences as well. If you want to avoid such notions, it is better to manually update the apps from Google Play Store. Also, apps from wireless providers are authentic as well.

The bottom line is that apps would never use text messages to send web links for updates. So, one needs to stay conscious of the link received on the phone. Last but not least, make sure you have an antivirus app installed in your phone for better security standards.

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