24719 Text Message: Your Phone Requires A Software Update

24719 your phone requires a software update
24719 your phone requires a software update

24719: Your Phone Requires A Software Update

The utilization of smartphones has increased a great deal over the course of time. The prime reason for this increase is the need to stay communicated at all times. However, with the increasing usage, the errors are increasing as well, and one such error is 24719 Text Message: Your Phone Requires A Software Update. But again, people aren’t sure what this means and we have added every bit of information in this article!

Is It Malware Or Virus?

When it comes down to such messages and errors, keep in mind that they are never viruses or malware. This means that these messages don’t pose any harm and it’s best that you ignore it. However, we understand that such messages can be intriguing and bothersome, so we suggest that you delete it.

Check For Update

In case you receive such messages and don’t want to just ignore or delete, we suggest that you do as the message says. Yes, we are asking that you actually check for the update because your phone might have a software update to install. You can check for updates from your phone’s settings. If there is an update, just download it and you won’t receive such messages again. On the other hand, if your phone doesn’t need software updates, you could just ignore or delete the messages.

What Is This Error Message About?

To be honest, the general rule of thumb is that you should ignore these messages. In addition, you can delete these messages if you don’t know who sent the message. With this being said, these messages are more troublesome if embedded links are asking you to “download” the update by pressing on the link. All in all, these links mustn’t be used or clicked at all.

One must not get tempted by these instructions because they are going to put your security and phone’s performance in jeopardy. In some cases, these notifications occur in case you don’t have enough space or storage in the phone for installing the update. So, try clearing the storage and connect your phone to Wi-Fi to see if the update gets installed and the error messages go away.

On the other hand, if you receive the message from the valid network carrier, we suggest calling customer care support and have them validate the message, so you are on the safe side.


Sure, the message is not about malware or virus but if you don’t want to be struggling with these messages, we suggest that you install the antivirus. This is because antivirus software will fix the probable bugs, so you don’t deal with such errors.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to such messages, it is best to ignore it and never click on the embedded links. In addition, you can delete the message to ensure you aren’t bothered, or may we say intrigued to check the insights. Lastly, if the message is from the network carrier, always validate before “downloading” the update.

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