Qualcomm Releases 802.11ac Products

Qualcomm recently announced the release of its new 802.11ac products which will provide easy migration from 802.11n standards to a new WiFi standard which will speed up the transition to WiFi networking that is Gigabit capable.  By expanding the performance of PCs and mobile device, Qualcomm Atheros introduced the newest 802.11ac standard to meet the growing demands of multimedia applications which are bandwidth intensive.

The 802.11ac products are produced by Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Qualcomm, Inc. and represent the next generation in faster WiFi connectivity geared toward mobile devices, PCs, home networking, and enterprise network environments.  The fact that the 802.11ac products allow for easy migration, Qualcomm hopes to speed up the acceptance of more products which are built with the new 802.11ac standard.

Qualcomm’s signature product for 802.11ac is designed for the Snapdragon S4.  The Snapdragon device is already designed with 802.11b, g, and n capability which makes for easy migration to the new 802.11ac standard and is capable of operating at speeds of more than 400Mbps (megabytes per second).  This is in addition to the powerful Central Processing Unit which is already included in Snapdragon S4.  Other highlights in the new system of 802.11ac products include:

WCN3680 Chip

The WCN3680 is the very first 802.11ac combination chip for mobile devices which represents a significant stride in the mobile WiFi industry. The combination WCN3860 offers WiFi, FM, and Bluetooth all in one chip and is compatible with a broad range of different Snapdragon processors, the highest in the Snapdragon processor class being the Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 processor which offers a quad-core Krait CPU.

The WCN3680 combination chip is specifically geared toward mobile devices to offer a faster data transmission rate coupled with the capability to support bandwidth intensive applications.  Additionally, the new combo chip also provides for extended battery life in your mobile device and reduced power consumption.

Multiple Stream 802.11ac for PCs

Although mobile devices have become more popular there is still a need for new and improved computing which increases productivity in both the home office and enterprise level settings.  To address the connectivity needs in these environments Qualcomm Atheros released multiple stream, 802.11ac solutions which are capable of operating at data transmission speeds in excess of 1.3Gbps (gigabits per second).

The 802.11ac stream 1 utilizes the WCN3680 chip to deliver high speed connectivity for both Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN).  This configuration also integrates Bluetooth with FM to provide for high performance multimedia applications on PCs and a series of different mobile devices.

The second stream of WCN3680 is designed to work with Snapdragon S4 to access high performance multimedia applications on your PC and mobile devices however; it is not designed for use with Wide Area Networks.  This ensures that you get the most out of your multimedia and gaming applications on the Snapdragon S4, PCs, and other mobile devices.

The third stream is a standalone chip for QCA double stream and triple stream 9860 and 9862.  The chip offers 802.11ac in addition to the standards of b, c, g, and n with Bluetooth.  Data transmission rates can exceed 1.3Gbps and the chip helps to optimize the Central Processing Unit for extremely fast data transmission rates and to promote longer battery life in your device.

Networking and Electronics

The 802.11ac chips for electronics help to improve the performance of video in your home entertainment system, including your flat screen television, streaming media units such as a Roku, and gaming devices such as the Xbox360.  The Qualcomm Atheros chip is integrated with a Snapdragon processor to create high performance for both LCD and LED monitors and flat screen panels.  You can obtain multiple stream 802.11ac options that offer extremely fast data transmission rates which enhance the quality of videos and other home entertainment content.

In terms of home and enterprise networking, Qualcomm plans to unveil multiple stream 802.11ac for radio devices that support the PCIe chip.  This will provide very fast wireless data transmission which is capable of reaching speeds of more than 1.3Gbps.  The purpose behind this new technology is to enhance both home and enterprise network performance while reducing costs and power consumption.  Additionally, it nearly triples the performance of your wireless connection and reduces the need for additional external devices that assist with extending or speeding up your wireless connection to accommodate demanding multimedia applications.

Qualcomm Atheros unveiled the new 802.11ac products at the Mobile World Congress last month which was held in Barcelona Spain.  The company plans to allow its customers to test run the 802.11ac chips during the second half of 2012 before an official release is announced.  Meanwhile, Qualcomm predicts that the new standard of 802.11ac will be approved by the WiFi Alliance at the beginning of the year 2013 while new hardware is being designed to accommodate new WiFi standards.

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