Comcast IPv6 Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

comcast ipv6 not working
comcast ipv6 not working

IPv6 is the short form for Internet Protocol Version 6. It is the most recent and most advanced version of the internet protocol, and communication has made so much better with the help of it. It is mainly used for providing the identification and location to devices on a network so that the traffic can be routed across the internet more easily.

The feature is controlled by the router and its firmware and here are a few things that you will need to know about it if it stops working for some reason.

Comcast IPv6 Not Working

1) Restart the Router

Sometimes due to excessive traffic or fragmentation of the memory, this type of issue can occur and this is not associated with Comcast only. This sort of issue can appear on any device out there and there is nothing to be worried about it either. All you need to do is reboot your router once and that is going to solve the problem for you.

When it comes to Comcast routers, restarting is pretty easy and simple. You just need to press the power button once and that will turn off your router. Press it once again and your router will be up and running without getting any sorts of errors.

2) Check on DHCP

Well, another thing that you definitely need to check is the DHCP enabling setup. If your DHCP is not enabled due to any reason and that is causing you to have any mess, then you will need to access the router login panel and change the settings there. This should be easy enough. Simply login to the router’s admin panel and navigate to network settings. Here you will find the option of DHCP with an enable/disable button in front of it. So, simply enable the option if it is not enabled already and that will solve the problem for you for good.

If you find the option enabled already, toggling it on and then off once will most likely fix the problem for you and you are not going to face any sorts of problems on it.

3) Reset the settings

If you are unable to make it work and you find yourself in a fix with all these settings. The simplest way to get it done should be resetting all the settings to default. That is going to help you out perfectly and you will have all the issues and errors cleared out for good. This way, you can get a chance to setup and configure all the settings on your router from scratch and all such issues will be cleared out for good.

4) Upgrade Firmware

Another thing that you must give a try before you could contact Comcast to get any assistance, you should be updating the firmware once and that will help you make the most of your experience. So, just open the admin panel and make sure that you have an active internet connection. Here, you will be able to update the firmware on your router and that will clear out the problem with IPv6 for good.

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