3 Ways to Fix Comcast Not Working

comcast not working
comcast not working

If you’re one of those who own Comcast internet, we are sure that you are lucky enough to enjoy quality internet. But, there are some days when the luck and the internet are not on your side. It may be a disturbing factor, but there is nothing that you can do when things start to go south.

The most commonly reported problems with Comcast internet was Comcast, not working. It may be difficult for you to resolve this problem, and it is quite annoying when you are unable to resolve such issues. If you’re here reading the article, then it will help you to resolve this issue.

Why Comcast Is Not Working?

There may be various reasons you face such an issue, but we are here to assist you with the best solutions to this issue. In the article, you will meet with some of the great ideas to resolve the issue, as mentioned above. Follow the below-given guidelines, and you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue.

1. Restart The Router

The the gateway address to your admin setting, and the issue is with the admin setting: then it’s most probable that you will be facing your internet issues. So, the first thing that you’re going to do is restarting your router.

Sometimes the solution to your biggest problem lies in shutting the core of the problem. Most of the time, the router is running for so long that it stops working properly. If you do not know why you are facing this issue, try restarting your browser. It will help you resolve the issue, and you will be able to access the admin settings.

2. Try

If the default gateway access to your router admin setting is not working properly, then there is a solution that you can try to resolve the issue. What you need to do is try putting instead of

It will help you access the router admin setting, but you need to change the admin name and password. After using, you need to put cusadmin as your username and highspeed as the password. It will start to work for sure.

3. Factory Data Reset

Most of the time, the router works improperly because we have not given it a check for so long. If the router is running for so long and you have not checked for any malware or other such issues, then the only solution you will apply is factory data reset your router.

Resetting your router will give it a new life, and you will be able to resolve all of the issues related to it. But, ensure that you have been through all of the above-given methods before resetting your router. Resetting the router is your last resort and not the first one.


In the draft, you will find some of the best method to resolve the issues related to the Comcast Not Working. Follow the article and be the master to resolve such common issues.

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