Cisco VPN Keeps Disconnecting: 5 Ways To Fix

cisco vpn keeps disconnecting
cisco vpn keeps disconnecting

With the popularity of VPNs, multiple companies have come out with their VPN apps and software. For the same reason, Cisco launched their own VPN service to develop a secure connection. However, it can be frustrated when Cisco VPN keeps disconnecting because it puts users at security risks. Now, let’s check out the solutions for optimizing a consistent internet connection!

Cisco VPN Keeps Disconnecting

1) Antivirus & Firewall

Just like VPN, firewall and antivirus programs have become essential because it sets the protection barriers to ensure the devices are protected from hacking attempts. In addition, antivirus programs ensure that devices stay safe from viruses and malware. However, the presence of these programs on your device can impact the connectivity, and VPN will keep disconnecting. For this reason, you should disable the antivirus and firewall and establish the VPN connection again. Keep in mind that closing the programs won’t work because they keep functioning in the background. So, just disable these programs and connect VPN again.

2) Server Connection & Location

When Cisco VPN keeps disconnecting, there are high chances that the server location isn’t suitable. That being said, you should connect to the local server. For instance, if you are in the United States, you should connect to the US server. This is because the connection with local servers promises the strongest connections. For this purpose, you will need to select a different server location manually.

3) Protocol

The third reason behind ineffective connection could be protocol. For this reason, you should try to change the protocol and test the VPN connection with different protocols. Whichever protocol works better for the internet connectivity, you can save that and a strong internet connection will be maintained. For the most part, TCP protocol works better as compared to UDP protocol when using Cisco VPN. But again, you should try different protocols to see what works best for you!

4) DNS Settings

This is low likely to be the issue but changing the DNS settings can surely resolve the disconnection issue with Cisco VPN. Keep in mind changing the DNS settings doesn’t confirm better performance, so you will need to experiment with different DNS settings.

5) Internet Connections

We won’t lie because a bad internet connection is one of the most common reasons behind the disconnection of Cisco VPN. For this purpose, you must test the internet connection. To begin with, you have to test the internet speed without connecting to the VPN to see if the internet browsing speed increases. If the internet speed remains slow, there are chances that the internet connection isn’t working properly and it needs to be optimized.

First of all, you should reboot the internet connection by switching off the router. This is because the reboot can enhance the internet speed and VPN connectivity will be improved. On the other hand, if a reboot doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to upgrade the internet plan. Lastly, you can call the internet service providers because they can help enhance the internet performance.

To summarize, these solutions will optimize the Cisco VPN connection. However, if they don’t work, just switch to a different VPN solution!

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