5 Ways To Fix CenturyLink C1000A Red DSL Light

centurylink c1000a red dsl light
centurylink c1000a red dsl light

CenturyLink has become the preferred choice for people who need a secure and unhindered internet connection. That’s to say because they have designed some high-end modems and routers. Similarly, some people are struggling with CenturyLink C1000A red DSL light that adversely influences the internet connection. To help you out, we have added every bit of information you need!

CenturyLink C100A Red DSL Light – The Meaning

The CenturyLink router will show the red light on the DSL light if it is unable to detect the line. In addition, there are chances that the router is unable to search the internet signals from the CenturyLink network. If that’s the case, we have added the troubleshooting methods that are meant to help you!

1. Setting Up

If your CenturyLink router is showing the red DSL light, we suggest that you set up the router again. For this purpose, you need to plug in the green cable into the green slot on the router while the other end should go into the phone jack. Once you’ve inserted the green cable, switch on the router by plugging in the power cord. In addition, you need to connect the router to the computer through a yellow cable with which the light will go green.

2. Rebooting

Many people think that it’s cliché but rebooting helps fix the majority of issues. With this being said, you need to reboot the CenturyLink router. The router can be rebooted by taking out the power cord and wait for at least to ensure all connections are closed. After a minute, you can insert the power cable again and wait for five minutes. These five minutes will ensure that lights are back on track and the connections are streamlined.

3. Router Reset

If rebooting didn’t fix the red light or internet issue, there are high chances that resetting the router is highly likely to solve the issue. Also, we are talking about the factory reset as it deletes the customized network settings and passwords. For a factory reset, you can press the red reset button on the router and it will take around five minutes for completing the factory reset. Once the router has been factory reset, you will need to configure the router again and add the login credentials, inclusive of the password. When you first factory reset the router, you will need the default password for logging in.

4. Firmware

If the router hasn’t been updated with the latest firmware, it is not going to work properly and will adversely impact the functionality. The red light issue might be occurring due to the same firmware issue. With this being said, you need to download and install the latest firmware on your CenturyLink router and it will fix the red light on the router.

5. Customer Support

To be honest, installing the firmware should work perfectly to fix the red light and internet issue. However, if it doesn’t fix the issue, we suggest that you call CenturyLink and have customer support look into the issue. They are likely to troubleshoot the router from your end, so the internet will be streamlined.

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