4 Ways To Access CenturyLink Blocking Websites

centurylink blocking websites
centurylink blocking websites


Not getting access to certain websites is one of the most common problems that most of us face in our everyday life. It may happen while casual surfing on the internet, but the bad thing about it is that sometimes you cannot even get access to your business websites.

It can be a disturbing factor for us and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. In the article, we will be discussing why Centurylink blocks certain websites, and you will get to know about their solutions. So, get through the article properly to get to know about those solutions.

Why I’m Unable to Access Certain Websites?

There may be various reasons you are restricted by Centurylink to access a particular website; some of them are: The first reason can be your computer that stops you from accessing a website. The second one can be the network- which is the core of this article, and the last one can be your government restricting you from accessing a website. All of these three are the primary reasons why you are unable to open a website.

How To Access CenturyLink Blocking Websites

There are a few ways to access websites blocked by Centurylink. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Changing DNS Server

Domain Name Server is something that is the main reason for blocking specific websites. If you are facing some issues while opening a particular website, try changing the DNS server. It will surely assist you in accessing those blocked websites by Centurylink. For this, you need to open the advanced setting of your connection. Select the WAN setting and then change your DNS.

  • Try Changing Your Device / Browser

Sometimes, Centurylink is not the reason that is restraining you from accessing a website. It can be the issue with your device and the browser you are using to open it. To resolve this problem, you need to change your device (from laptop to Mobile or Personal Computer), and if it does not work, try changing your browser to access the website.

  • Contacting Centurylink Help Centre

You can also resolve your issue by calling the Centurylink help center. It is possible that Centurylink has not blocked your access to a website, but it is due to some glitches in your server. So, calling Centurylink helpline can help you to crack the issue of the blocked website.

  • Using Proxy

It can be your last resort if you cannot access a blocked website through the aforementioned methods. If you are going to access a website not banned by your government, then there is no issue using a proxy for accessing it. This method will indeed help you to gain access to that website.


This article has mentioned some of the most used methods for accessing a Centurylink blocked website. You need to try any of these methods, and it will undoubtedly assist you in accessing your desired website. So, try out these methods for resolving your issues of the blocked website.

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