Cascaded Router Network Address: WAN-Side Subnet

cascaded router network address must be a wan-side subnet
cascaded router network address must be a wan-side subnet

Cascading two sets of router refers to the way when two routers connect (either both of them where one of them is usually older). When two routers are connected with each other, we call that one connected router a “cascaded router”. Users usually find a lot of reasons to have their routers cascaded and make their cascaded router’s network address a WAN-side subnet. In this article, we will go through the details of the functionality and working of this router feature. Keep on reading.

Why Are Routers Cascaded? 

Two sets of routers are cascaded to enhance the productivity and performance of your in-home network. Cascading can make your older or discarded router quite useful. Your old router usually is of no use but cascaded routers formation gives it a purpose.

With this feature of the router, you can connect many more devices over your network; both wired and wireless. Isolating the network traffic becomes quite efficient by cascaded routers. Now, some public domain systems need to change the WAN address of their cascaded routers into a WAN-side Subnet. Let’s first learn what it is.

What Is A WAN Side Subnet?

You must have seen that the public side of your router is visible on your Internet. In technical terms, the public side is referred to as a name called the “WAN or Wide Area Network side of the Internet or simply WAN-Side Subnet.

Now we call the total range of LAN side IP addresses allowed, a subnet. What is subnet here? A sub-network, you can say using a few numbers of all the possible billion numbers.

Cascaded Router Network Address: WAN-Side Subnet:

The IP address is allocated right behind the router. You will get access to Cascaded Router Network Address also in the WAN Private IP subnet range. The Cascaded Router Network Address is usually included in the range of IP addresses that are made available for clients of the cascaded router. It is their choice to make the WAN visible to the local public.

The WAN IP address (Network Address) of the cascaded routers is generally an address assigned to the WAN port on the main server which must have a connection to your internet. You can easily change its network address to a public or WAN-side subnet (public domain system).

Refer to the following steps to change your cascaded router’s network address to the WAN-side subnet.

Note: These are generic steps that you can mold according to your network needs.

  • Sign in to the User Control Console of your internet.
  • Click on Settings located on the top of your page.
  • Go to the WAN Interface.
  • Locate the IP address details.
  • Enter the suitable WAN-side subnet IP address details.
  • Now, run a speed test of your internet connection and input the resulting speed into the section named “bandwidth of your internet connection”. Make sure that you have other devices turned off to find the legit network speed.
  • Now click “confirm” to set up your cascaded router on a WAN-side subnet setting.

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