Can Eero See Search History? (Answered)

can eero see search history
can eero see search history

Eero is one of the most popular home Wi-Fi systems out there and is known for its fast and highly secure Wi-Fi connection. It can be connected to the smart devices of the home to monitor them. However, since it’s connected to your entire home, it’s common to wonder if eero sees the search history of the users. So, if you have been wondering the same, we have all the answers you need!

Can Eero See Search History?

According to the information provided on the official eero website, the devices and apps tend to collect data that is essential for improving, operating, and maintaining the Wi-Fi system. They are likely to share anonymous data, such as crash reports and aggregate metrics, for improving product performance and overall networking functionality. As far as the search history is concerned, eero doesn’t track the websites that you use or collect content from the network traffic. In addition, they don’t sell any customer data or ads that are dependent on this data.

1. Collecting Eero Network Data

To begin with, eero collects data about the network to help optimize the network and Wi-Fi performance. This data usually includes the devices that are connected to the eero, network status, devices’ IP address, data consumption, and signal strength. The network settings of the users are stored in the cloud for easier and all-time access. In addition, it can help determine if eeros are online. Eero tends to collect information regarding the wireless ecosystem, such as total routers in the area, Wi-Fi channels, signal strength, and supported standards to improve the Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Collecting Eero Stats

Eero says that they collect the stats, such as performance data, crash reports, and usage data, as it helps improve the Eero product. The crash report tends to share information about the type of internet crashes users have been experiencing, stack traces, and the software version. As far as the performance information is concerned, it usually includes the boot-up time, memory consumption, and CPU consumption.

3. Collecting App Data

The company also collects data about app consumption to improve the in-app user experience. This data is utilized for checking out the frequently used features and if there are app bugs that bother the users.

According to the eero website, the data that they collect from the eero devices and apps is used to gain real-time information regarding the internet network and also helps enable the seamless performance of the system. On the other hand, if you are concerned about data loss and theft, the company keeps the data secure and private.

4. Protecting The Data

Now that we have shared information about which data is stored and secured by the company, many users also wonder about the external safety and security of their data. In that case, you can subscribe to eero secure, which is designed for every router out there. It is designed to offer better parental controls and advanced security features. In fact, this subscription allows the users to implement safe filters to prevent access to adult content and inappropriate websites.

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