5 Ways To Fix Sonicwall Slow Internet

sonicwall slow internet
sonicwall slow internet

Sonicwall is a reliable firewall that is trusted enough to be used by hundreds of companies and private citizens. However, Sonicwall users have noticed that when your Sonicwall based internet connection is being used, it tends to slow things a tad bit down. Nevertheless, the capability of the service can not be discredited or disregarded in any way due to this minor issue thus a few ways to fix Sonicwall slow Internet are listed below.

Sonicwall Slow Internet, Troubleshoot and Solve

Sonicwall is an anti-breach software that can be downloaded on your systems in two minutes. It is a perfect service that is loved by those who value their privacy and wish to keep their online activity protected and secured. Users love it for its easy configuration due to its friendly interface.

It is completely safe. While it does offer many different types of security features such as your standard VPN along with protection against malware. Additionally, Sonicwall provides protection against cyber threats and viruses and bandwidth management. Including identification of traffic in good time.

Sonicwall did not shy away when they were told that their service was slowing down people’s internet speed. They provided solid solutions and presented actual facts that supported this certain casualty. Below are the steps for troubleshooting Sonicwall slow internet problem.

1. The Basic Solutions

The first thing you should do is check if your own router is at fault. The relocation of your internet router may fix your slow internet issue. If that does not seem to work, then you should try using an ethernet cable. A direct line to your router may cause your internet speed to catch up.

However, if these do not work but you still suspect that your router is the reason behind this certain issue then you should check for router updates along with whether your internet package is supported by the router you currently on.

If the ‘Basics’ do not work to you, move to the other solutions listed below.

2. Specs of Sonicwall

You should check what specifications you own of Sonicwall because Sonicwall’s offers such features that are not compatible with some internet packages. In addition, certain internet service providers (ISP) have not certified Sonicwall to be applicable to them. Since they have not certified Sonicwall, it might be time to switch to a more ‘Sonicwall friendly’ service.

3. Turn OFF Unnecessary Services on Sonicwall

As the name suggests, turning off additional services can help speed up your internet connection. Since all of the features rely heavily on your internet connection and your system, all of them working together in the background might be overloading your CPU. An overview of the things you are supposed to check to turn off (or not, it depends on your usage):

  1. You can stop the packet monitor. Select Investigate and choose Packet Monitor
  2. Set the Name Resolution to none. Click Manage and choose Log Settings, here you will be able to access Name Resolution.
  3. Make sure that there are no unnecessary firewall rules. Click Manage and go to Access Rules.

4. Check LAN and WAN

To fix your slow internet issue, you should keep the status of your WAN interface of Sonicwall in check. Here you need to make sure that the connection is fully working and at the perfect speed. Do the exact same thing for your LAN interface. It needs to be at the correct speed along with functional. You will need to consult the documentation provided to check these properly and – if needed – alter correctly as well.

5. Manually Set the Link Speed

Sonicwall comes with an excellent feature that Auto-Negotiates the link speed however, in this case of experiencing slow internet, you should set the link speed yourself and according to your internet plan. This option is most suitable for those who are handy and can configure Sonicwall without any complications. To set the link speed manually, do the following:

  1. Click Manage.
  2. In-Network, Choose Interface.
  3. Choose the Configure button and then go Advanced Tab.
  4. Set up your Link speed and turn Auto-Negotiations off.

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