Bonded DSL CenturyLink (Explained)

bonded dsl centurylink
bonded dsl centurylink

CenturyLink is one of the most popular and effective internet service providers out there. In the same vein, CenturyLink is coming out with the bonded DSL network. For everyone who has been wondering about Bonded DSL CenturyLink, we have outlined the essential information below!

Bonded DSL CenturyLink

CenturyLink & Bonded Service

The bonded service is designed to increase the internet speed on wiring by double fold. CenturyLink is using the copper wiring to deliver this internet service to the residents. The lines were originally designed to carry and offer telephone services, but with the emerging of internet services, the same copper voice lines are being utilized.

The high-speed data will be provided to access the browser. This service, in short, is known as bonded DSL. The service is provided to the Ridge residents, and whenever the users order internet or telephone services, the signals are delivered through the same copper wire pairs. As for the voice, the wires will utilize the low frequency, ranging from zero to 4,000Hz.

In contrast, the internet signals will utilize the remaining bandwidth of the wiring, ranging up to multiple MHz. These copper wires are suitable to reach the maximum internet speed as well as distance coverage to the nodes. CenturyLink has used the plethora of underground copper wires at the Ridge in the vein of the development of bonded DSL.

Usually, there are around 1,200 wires pairs to the lots. As for now, there are 240 lots and offers five-wire pairs on per house basis. On the other hand, the bonded DSL is utilizing these copper wire infrastructures by offering two-fold wire pairs to the modem. As for the bonded service, two pairs of wires (four wires) are used to harness double internet speed.

The bonded internet service users consider it the addition to two connections to make one connection (80Mbps + 80Mbps making 160Mbps connection). However, this is a wrong anecdote because it can offer only 80Mbps speed since it uses one stream of wire pair. On the other hand, it is suggested that you opt for an extender or an amplifier between modem and node to access 160Mbps data.

How The Bonded DSL Works?

When it comes down to the bonded DSL workability, it utilizes node at one end of the street for incoming data receiving. This journey utilizes fiber optic cables from the service. The node then splits up the data across the wire pairs. Once the splitting occurs, the modem will receive the data on wire pairs, along with instructions for stitching back the data streams. CenturyLink names this a multiplexed process. With this being said, the internet speed will be two-folds high, how amazing!

Bonded DSL Service Integration

If you’ve had the telephone wiring for a long time, you would know that integrating and installing the bonded DSL service shouldn’t be the issue. As for the installation, CenturyLink will locate the wiring infrastructure and create the wire pairs. The best thing about the installation is that you don’t have to pay extra installation costs and are covered with the bonded service charges.

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