5 Ways To Fix Slow Internet on Philips Smart TV

philips smart tv slow internet
philips smart tv slow internet

Philips is a corporation that focuses on electronics. The corporation was formed quite some time ago in 1891. It is based in the Netherlands and was one of the biggest electronic companies in the world. Since 1891, the company has worked on producing electronic appliances, mainly for homes. In fact, the entire corporation was started as a retailer for lamps.

However, many things have changed since then and now Philips offers a huge variety of products. The corporation now focuses on healthcare products but still manufactures electronic appliances, including their popular smart TVs.

What is Philips Smart TV?

Most people are familiar with what smart TVs are. They allow users to browse and stream all sorts of multimedia content. Almost all the top electronics-based companies are manufacturing smart TVs nowadays, including Philips.

Like any smart TV, Philips’ smart TVs allow users to watch and enjoy the content they like most. Philips has manufactured all sorts of smart TVs over the years and continues to do so. They manufacture 3D smart TVs, 4K smart TV, and many other variants.

Users can download all sorts of applications, including streaming services and video games. Philips smart TVs are also compatible with web browsers. This means that you can enjoy surfing the web through your TV as well. However, users will have to download a browser on their Philips smart TV before they can surf the web.

Anyone with an internet connection can fully utilize their Philips smart TVs’ full potential. However, it will be difficult to enjoy using your Philips smart TV at all if you have a bad connection. Many users from around the world have had problems with slow internet due to different reasons. If you’re one of these users, check below to see what the problem might be and how you can fix it.

Fix Slow Internet on Philips Smart TV

1) Throttled Bandwidth

Before trying anything else, you should check to see whether or not your bandwidth getting throttled. Many ISPs are known to throttle their customer’s bandwidth at times. Bandwidth throttling results in a significant drop in internet speeds. It is quite easy to check whether or not your bandwidth is getting throttled by your ISP or not. All you need is a speed testing application, a VPN, and a connection to your internet.

Firstly, test your internet speed without activating the VPN. Note down whatever result you get and activate your VPN before trying the test again. Your bandwidth is certainly getting throttled if you get much better speeds while the VPN is active. If this is the case, contact your ISP and make them fix the issue or install a VPN for your Philips smart TV.

2) Move Your Router

Some of the time, simply repositioning your router is all it takes to get faster speeds. Slow speeds are to be expected if your router is far away from your smart TV. Try moving the router closer to the Philips smart TV so you can prevent interferences and get better speeds.

3) Get a New Router/Modem

Even if you’re subscribed to a plan that offers download speeds of 200+Mbps, an old router/modem will cause problems. This is a common problem, as people tend to keep using the same router or modem for over 5 years. Older routers or modems fail to provide the same connectivity as newer ones. This is why it’s recommended that you replace your router if you’re using an old one.

4) Try New DNS Servers

It is common for DNS servers to start acting faulty or stop working entirely. Bad quality streams and slow downloads are common when this happens. Luckily, the issue isn’t anything too serious and can be fixed easily. You can easily change your preferred DNS server using the network settings from your Philips smart TV.

5) Contact your ISP

If you haven’t experienced slow internet on your Philips Smart TV before, you should try contacting your ISP. It could be that there is a temporary network issue on their end. If the other options don’t work, you should contact your ISP and ask them if this is the case. If it is indeed your ISP’s fault that your Philips smart TV is getting slow internet, all you can do is wait for them to solve the issue.

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