The Conflict Between Avast & Malwarebytes

avast and malwarebytes conflict
avast and malwarebytes conflict

With the increasing cybersecurity threats, the use of antivirus and anti-malware products has increased. However, there have been Avast and Malwarebytes conflicts with which users are unable to use Malwarebytes and Avast at the same time. With this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about the conflict!

The Conflict Between Avast & Malwarebytes

The new Avast antivirus update has been causing connection issues. Internet issues started occurring when people upgraded the Avast antivirus program. In case users had installed Malwarebytes, it led to conflicts with that as well. On the contrary, if users need proper connections between these programs, the protection modules must be disabled.

The users are complaining about the connectivity and functionality issues when they upgrade to the Avast 18.6.2349 version. Therefore, the users are unable to browse the websites and browsers. For this purpose, the protection module must be disabled from either Avast or Malwarebytes. Once the protection module is disabled, the conflict-related issues will be resolved.

The Chances Of Connectivity Loss

According to the users, when they observed the conflict, there was no loss of connectivity. This is because the users were able to ping the IP addresses. However, they couldn’t use the websites. On the other hand, when users disable the WebSheild in Avast, they get to access and use the browser. It’s important to know that WebSheild is responsible for protection against malicious platforms.

Conflict Due To Failed Updates

In some cases, the users are suggesting that this issue could occur due to failed updates. As far as Avast is concerned, they have suggested a clean installation of Avast for resolving the issue. The Malwarebytes users are also reporting various issues while they use Avast. It’s essential to note down that the users struggled with these issues after updating Avast.

Issues With Malwarebytes

According to people using Malwarebytes, they are unable to open the dashboards. In addition, the Malwarebytes tend to crash down, the support tool starts showing errors, and real-time protection is disabled. The users have suggested that they can use Malwarebytes by disabling the protection module.

Resolving The Conflict Between Avast & Malwarebytes

Some users are suggesting that they are able to resolve conflict if they disabled the real site protection on Avast. As per reports published by the experts, this conflict is incurring because of conflict between Malwarebyte’s and Avast’s web protection module.

Some users are also complaining about the connectivity issues after upgrading Avast to the 18.6.2349 version even if they haven’t installed Malwarebytes. That being said, the MBAM users are suggested to disable real site protection on Avast. All in all, Malwarebytes and Avast are continuously working to resolve these conflicts.

Talks Between Avast & Malwarebytes

When the conflict information was received, Malwarebytes actually contacted the product manager of Avast. They were connected with the real site developers at Avast. Initially, it was suggested that the web protection driver implementation of Malwarebytes isn’t effective. Later on, similar driver implementation issues were observed by Avast.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, both companies are working on the solution. However, there is no timeline for when these solutions will be launched by the companies. For now, disabling the real site or protection features are the only options available for resolving the conflict!

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