3 Ways To Fix AT&T Uverse Router Service Solid Red Light

at&t uverse router service light solid red
at&t uverse router service light solid red

Whenever we discuss getting an internet router, then it is inevitable that we will at least once consider getting an AT&T router. AT&T is one of the most promising companies working in today’s market. AT&T is one of those service providers whose products you will love to have at your home.

But, what will you be doing if you start to face issues with the AT&T routers? It is something quite hard to believe, but it has happened with some of the AT&T users recently. What most of the users reported was about the router service light turned solid red. It is something to worry about. In the draft, you will come to know everything about the solid red light on the router and its best troubleshooting methods.

AT&T Uverse Router Service Solid Red Light

What is the meaning of the light?

All of the service lights appearing on the AT&T router has some meanings and purposes. But what does this solid red light means? If you are witnessing a solid red light on the AT&T router, then the reason behind it is that either the gateway or the power supply is malfunctioning. It is not something that cannot be resolved with ease. To do it with ease, you will have to go through this article as below, we have mentioned some of the best troubleshooting methods to overcome the solid red light issue.

1. Try Rebooting the Device

Rebooting is one of the most promising methods to get rid of the solid red light appearing on the AT&T Uverse router. What rebooting the router does is that it gives your router a new life as it removes all of the malware from the router, and it becomes as good as it was at the time of purchase. So, if you are facing the solid red light, then according to AT&T customer care, it will be a good thought to reboot the router. Reboot your router and let us know if it worked for you.

2. Look For Damages In The Power Supply

It is hard to believe, but, indeed, your power supply may also get damaged. It is one of the rarest phenomena that will occur, but it will. So, get ready to look for damages in your power supply if the red light is not going away by rebooting the device. Suppose the power supply has damaged the ask for expert help and replace it.

3. Call AT&T Customer Care

The best way to resolve issues related to AT&T products is by calling their customer care center. AT&T has got some of the best customer care providers, and they will help you to resolve your issues with minimum effort placed. So, if you want expert advice, then there is no better place than the AT&T customer care center.


If you were looking to find solutions to your AT&T Uverse router service solid red light issue, then this article is what you were looking for. Above, we have explained everything about the AT&T router red light and its troubleshooting methods. Give this article a good view and help yourself to overcome your issues.

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