3 Ways To Fix Asus ZenPad Slow Internet Issue

asus zenpad slow internet
asus zenpad slow internet

Asus is one of the largest manufacturers around the world for some of the top-notch phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets like that. Asus Zenpad is one such tablet being offered by them, that is pretty amazing in terms of performance, graphics, speed, connectivity and more. It allows you to have the best edge of technology at the palm of your hands. Asus zenpad used to run the Android OS, and was pretty fast at that. Although Asus has stopped the manufacturing of these tablets named as Zenpad, there are still numerous of these out in the use.

Asus ZenPad Slow Internet

These tablets are getting the latest software updates and all other support from Asus, so there is nothing on that part that you will need to worry about. The optimization of the Android ROM on the Asus Zenpad is simply fabulous and you are going to love the way it is configured. However, if you are facing certain issues like slow internet speed, that can cause you some inconvenience that you don’t want to have. If you are getting slow internet speed on your Asus Zenpad, here are a few things to do.

1) Reconnect

First of all, you must understand that internet speed is not always about the speed you are getting on the ISP. It is a variable thing that depends on tons of different factors. These include the devices connected, internet traffic, and a lot more. There can be possible bugs and errors as well on the network that might be causing you to have these problems on the internet speed and connectivity.

The first thing that you should do in this case is to try disconnecting your Asus Zenpad off the Wi-Fi network and then connect it once again. This will fix if there are any issues with the speed of your internet due to connectivity problems. Reconnecting will make sure that your Asus Zenpad triggers a connecting attempt on the router again and it will be assigned a new IP address.

2) Mind the Usage

While you can check in different ways to have a confirmation on the speed that you might be getting on your ISP. Sometimes the problem is with your network that you need to check on and fix. You need to take care of the network and device bandwidth usage optimally if you are getting some slow speed on the network.

First of all, make sure that there are no devices that are not in use connected on your network and causing you to have these problems with the slow internet on your Asus Zenpad. After that, check on all the applications that you might have been using on your Asus Zenpad. You will have to make sure that there are no applications that might be downloading any large flies on the background and causing you to have the issues. There is also a possibility that there might be some app update or firmware update running in the background and you will have to fix that as well. It is better to wait on the update to be downloaded and after that, it will start working for you without any problems with the speed.

3) Applications

There is also a big trouble with the applications on android systems that you might have to face. If you are using too many of these applications, they are going to take all your resources, and if the internet connection is fine as well. As a result, you might have to face some problems with the speed and performance that you don’t want to have.

You will need to check on that and make sure that you have only those applications downloaded and installed on your Asus Zenpad that you need. Any unnecessary applications will not only take your processing power, but they can be connected to the internet and consume your bandwidth. So, it is better to keep a close eye on these apps and remove any unnecessary applications.

Another way to do it is simply resetting your Asus Zenpad and then install those applications only that you are going to need. This will help you out in fixing the problem in a better manner and the internet speed will be fixed for good.

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