Comparing Arris SB8200 vs Motorola MB8600 vs Netgear CM1000

arris sb8200 vs motorola mb8600 vs netgear cm1000
arris sb8200 vs motorola mb8600 vs netgear cm1000

If you are someone who enjoys using a wireless connection, then you should have a newer router installed in your home. There are tons of devices that you can purchase but trying to choose a single one out of all the options can confuse people. There are just so many options out there, and deciding which one is the best takes a lot of work. With that said, we’re here to make things easier by highlighting some of the options which are the best and giving you a comparison between them to make things easier for you.  Some of the best modems that you can get are Arris SB8200, Motorola MB8600, and Netgear CM1000. All three of these models are amazing but there are also quite similar. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between them.

Arris SB8200 vs Motorola MB8600 vs Netgear CM1000

Arris SB8200

Arris is a famous American company that is known for its telecommunications equipment. There is a huge lineup of devices that you can select from and each of these comes with unique features. Considering this, it is best that you carefully select the type of equipment required at your home. The Arris SB8200 is one of the best modems that the company has recently come up with. While this can provide your home with Wi-Fi coverage, you should note that this is not what it is designed for.

The modem is usually the device used when converting the information or data coming from your ISP into a stable connection. Every single ISP usually provides its users with a modem that can be used to utilize their connection. However, the features on a stock modem can never be compared to a device manufactured by companies like Arris.

On top of ensuring that you get a much higher transmission speed, the modem also provides people with additional configuration options. The memory and channels provided on the devices are also upgraded which can be used for better LAN networks and to access advanced features. Aside from this, the processor installed on the Arris SB8200 is powerful enough to handle all the load you throw at it.

This can be amazing as your modem will remain cool even while you are trying to run heavy tasks on it. This is also a reason why the brand decided to increase the memory on this modem to 3 GB instead of 256 MB. You will notice that the memory on the Arris SB8200 is higher than all the other devices listed in this comparison. Considering this, if you are someone who wants to run tasks that require excess memory then this model is the best option for you.

Motorola MB8600

The Motorola MB8600 is another famous modem that tons of people think about purchasing. When getting into the specifications for this model, you will notice that most of these are similar to the other devices mentioned in this article. This is exactly why people get confused when trying to select a modem out of all the options.

However, you should note that several major differences distinguish the Motorola MB8600. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that this model has a much higher transfer rate when compared to other modems. This helps in getting a fast connection but there are also some requirements that you need to be aware of.

First of all, the high speeds can only be utilized as long as you have a connection that has speeds near the transfer rate. Additionally, you have to ensure that the Motorola MB8600 can be replaced with the modem from your current ISP. The company has provided its users with a list of all the ISPS that are compatible with this device.

Going through it can help you identify if this modem will work at your home or office or not. Although, if you are still confused then another option that you have is to contact the support team for Motorola. They will look into your issue and help you by answering any queries that you have regarding the modem.

Finally, one more thing that you should note is that the Motorola MB8600 is the best modem out of all the options provided in this list. However, Arris acquired Motorola which means that all the lineups from them are now owned by Arris instead. While you can still purchase the model, it is technically now a device from Arris instead of Motorola.

Netgear CM1000

The Netgear CM1000 is one of the most famous routers manufactured by Netgear. The company is mostly known for its lineup of routers and similar networking products. However, you should note that there are also a few series of modems that you can purchase from them.

The great thing about the modems from Motorola and Arris was not only that they were compatible with tons of ISPs but also that they had a lot of features. However, when it gets to the Netgear CM1000, you will notice that the modem is supported by a shorter list of ISPs. Additionally, when it comes to the hardware, most of the stuff has lower specifications which makes the device weaker.

This can be quite annoying to deal with but some positives make this a great modem. One of these is the ventilation system used on the device. This allows it to remain cold even under a lot of stress. As a result, you will notice that your internet connection stays stable even when tons of people are using the same network.

Moreover, the chipset used in the Netgear CM1000 is quite stable, and it is known for handling tasks without any issues. The low price of this model also makes it a great option for people looking for a modem on a tight budget.

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