Amped Wireless High Power 600MW Wi-Fi Range Extender (Brief Review)

amped wireless high power 600mw wifi range extender reviews
amped wireless high power 600mw wifi range extender reviews

Wi-Fi range extenders have become a necessity for offices and bigger homes because they help extend the availability of wireless connections in every part of the space. In simpler words, it helps get rid of internet dead zones in the space but many people have a hard time selecting the right Wi-Fi extender. For this reason, we are talking about Amped Wi-Fi range extender!

Amped Wireless High Power 600MW Wi-Fi Range Extender Review:

The Brief

Available at $99.9, this wireless range extender is designed to bring wireless internet signals to the areas of the home that the router is unable to reach. This is a dual-band range extender, which is extremely convenient to install as you only need to plug it into the power outlet. In addition, it’s designed with a USB charging port and a LAN port for creating a wired connection. Truth be told, this range extender is bulky but there is a pass-through outlet, so there is no need to compromise on a power outlet. It works pretty well when used with a 5GHz band.

  1. Features & Design

This is a dual-band range extender with an 802.11ac configuration, which has the capacity to offer an internet speed of over 300Mbps on a 2.4GHz wireless band and over 867Mbps on a 5GHz wireless band. It has a rather bulky design but it doesn’t block the other power outlet on the switchboard because there is a pass-through outlet. In addition to the pass-through outlet, there is also a USB-charging port that can be used to charge your smartphones and tablets.

On the bottom side of the extender, there is a reset button to revert the range extender to factory default settings, a WPS button for quick connectivity, and a Gigabit LAN port to create a wired connection. In addition, the wireless range extender has been designed with a removable and adjustable antenna on the left side as well as an internal antenna, which improves the signal reception by multiple folds. Also, there are two LED indicators on the front side, including a signal and power light.

It utilizes the web console that allows the users to make changes to the settings. The web console can help you access the dashboard that showcases the network map and has a scan button that allows the users to connect the wireless extender to the wireless network. In addition, there is a system status tab that allows the users to keep an eye on the network, such as SSID usernames, IP address of every wireless band, signal strength, and password for every band.

There is also a “more settings” section on the left side, which opens the menu with which you can adjust the security and encryption settings on both wireless bands. In addition, the users will be able to limit their internet access and create internet access schedules. What we love about this extender is that users can create around four guest networks and you can access the beacon interval and RTS threshold settings.

On top of everything, the wireless range extender has been integrated with BoostBand technology which helps improve the wireless performance by streaming the network traffic through the 5GHz wireless band. Even more, there is a network settings section, with which you can configure the IP addresses and turn on the wired-port routing. Last but not least, there is a management settings option, where you can keep an eye on the system logs, and upgrade the firmware, and check the network stats.

  1. Performance & Installation

This is a plug-in range extender, which makes it extremely easy to install. That’s because you can simply connect it to the power outlet that’s halfway between the dead zone and router – then, you can connect it to the SSID of the extender with the help of a smartphone or laptop. In addition, you can use the LAN port to connect it directly to the PC or computer.

Connecting the device to the LAN port will also open the dashboard and you can tap on the scan button to look for available wireless networks. As far as internet speed is concerned, it can increase wireless signal strength by 70%. As far as the internet throughput is concerned, it offers 300Mbps on a 2.4GHz wireless band and over 867Mbps on a 5GHz wireless band.

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