5GHz vs Ethernet: Which Connection Is Better?

5ghz vs ethernet
5ghz vs ethernet

The internet connection has become an essential part of every space, be it the offices or homes. There are ethernet and wireless connections available to meet the diverse needs of the users. On the contrary, people are still unaware of the differences between 5GHz Vs. ethernet. In this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about these differences!

5GHz vs Ethernet

Ethernet Connections

To begin with, the highest internet speed with ethernet goes up to more than 1000Mbps depend on the type of ethernet cable used. The Ethernet connections are great for people who have media systems, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, backup devices, and more. The Ethernet connections are preferred among the users since it promises high-speed internet, even more than the Wi-Fi connections.

Some people believe that Wi-Fi connections have improved with the latest protocols. However, the stable and high-speed ethernet connection can be ensured by using high-quality Cat6 cables. To be honest, the maximum ethernet connection speed depends on the ethernet cables. For people using the Cat5 cables, the internet speed will be supported up to 1GB/s.

The most primary advantage of using the ethernet connection is stability and consistency. The ethernet connections will affect the speed of other devices on the network. For people who tend to use the shared hard drives, NAS, backups, and backup servers, the ethernet connections will suffice. In addition, the ethernet connections will improve the streaming quality with the media server.

The ethernet connection tends to have a reduced latency. The reduced latency is a great feature for people who use quick-reaction activities and games, so the ethernet connection will suffice. However, for people who just watch movies and stream music, the latency doesn’t matter but zero buffering doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

On top of everything, the ethernet connections tend to deliver reliable internet as compared to other Wi-Fi mediums. This is because the wireless connections tend to have interferences that can adversely impact the connection speed. Such interferences can lead to dropping internet signals, higher latency rates, and low connection speed. So, ethernet connections don’t have such interferences, a big win!

The Ethernet connections are suitable for people who tend to use desktops and servers that don’t need to be relocated. In addition, the ethernet connections will promise better streaming quality and a promising gaming experience. All in all, the ethernet connections deliver solid, stable, and consistent internet connections.


With the 5GHz connections, the radio waves are constantly transmitted through space. The 5GHz connections are associated with the wireless connection because it’s the Wi-Fi channel. The majority of Wi-Fi connections operate at a 2.4GHz connection. On the other hand, 5GHz is designed to accommodate the higher device count on the network.

The 5GHz connections are designed to deliver high-speed internet connection. This because 5GHz connections have higher frequencies that can carry extensive data. The 5GHz connections are suitable for the limited or short Wi-Fi range. That’s to say because it’s designed with limited coverage and doesn’t have the ability to transmit through physical or solid obstructions.

5GHz connections might not penetrate through the physical obstructions, but still, it has limited interference chances. These connections deliver high-speed internet and high data rate because very limited devices use this Wi-Fi channel. If you are using the router, the maximum signal range from the router will be around 410ft.

In addition, the 5GHz connections are designed to deliver the maximum connection speeds up to 1Gbps. For people who don’t need to move their devices or routers too much, 5GHz connections are pretty optimal. The 5GHz connections are helpful for people who need efficient internet connections since this Wi-Fi channel doesn’t have traffic congestion.

That being said, the users will be able to access the high-speed internet connection. For the people who tend to game and have to attend videoconferences, 5GHz will deliver high-speed internet. In simpler words, the 5GHz connections can support high-bandwidth activities. While using 5GHz connections, it’s best to remain as close to the router as possible.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line that both ethernet connections and 5GHz connections are designed to deliver high-speed internet connection. In addition, both are less likely to be penetrated by interferences. Still, if you use a 5GHz connection with the ethernet cable, the internet speed will be unmatched. All in all, there is no competition between these network configurations!

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