5 Troubleshooting Methods For Ziply Fiber

ziply fiber troubleshooting
ziply fiber troubleshooting

Ziply Fiber is a reliable internet service provider that’s offering high-speed fiber optic internet service to users. In addition, they have two and five-gig internet plans to meet the internet connectivity needs of the users.

The fiber internet connections can provide maximum internet throughput of +5000Mbps but it depends on which internet plan you are subscribed to. However, if you still have issues connecting to the wireless internet or using it, we have a troubleshooting guide for you!

Ziply Fiber Troubleshooting:

  1. Use Automated Troubleshooting

Ziply Fiber has designed an automated troubleshooting feature, which automatically identifies issues with the fiber connection, phone service, or TV signals. It’s a free tool and doesn’t impact the channel lineups or billing.

The automated troubleshooting also resets the router if it identifies lags in the wireless connection, which is why the internet service might be interrupted for two to four minutes.

  1. Reduce The Load

If the automated troubleshooting hasn’t resolved the wireless connection issues, we recommend that you consider the load on the wireless connection. For instance, if you are streaming 4K content, playing games, and downloading large files all at once, it can result in slow internet.

For this purpose, we recommend that you try reducing the number of devices connected to the Ziply Fiber internet. In addition to this, you should close down the extra tabs in the internet browser to make sure the websites start loading properly. So, reduce the load and try connecting to the internet again!

Also, to prevent such a thing from happening again, you should either stream content, play games, or download the files at once (one activity at a time).

  1. Check The Devices

In addition to checking the fiber optic internet connection, you have to consider the devices as well. For instance, if the internet speed is perfect on the computer but is slower on the smartphone, it’s likely that something is wrong with the smartphone.

For this reason, the device with a slowed-down internet connection should be rebooted, and make sure the software upgrades have been installed as they can directly impact the internet support. Also, we recommend that you turn on the automated software updates on the smart devices.

  1. Configuration

Configuration errors can slow down the internet connection or prevent connectivity. First of all, we recommend that you run the anti-virus app on the device because some viruses can lead to internet slowdowns as well.

In addition to this, you should upgrade the router’s firmware to make sure the router is properly configured. Last but not least, you should clear the web browser’s cache from browser settings to improve the internet speed and prevent configuration errors.

  1. Wired Connection

The last solution is to establish a wired internet connection. For this purpose, you have to connect the Ethernet cable that’s connected with the router – the Ethernet cable can be connected to the gaming console, laptop, or other streaming boxes to create an error-free internet connection.

Secondly, you have to ensure that the router is placed near the device on which you’ve to use the internet (this is for people who don’t want an Ethernet connection). The closer proximity helps strengthen the internet signals!

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