You Are Active In Another Session Spectrum – 4 Fixes

you are active in another session spectrum
you are active in another session spectrum

While there are a whole bunch of streaming services that you can find, Spectrum is one of the most popular options that you can find. Through their services, you can find a whole lot of features that can all help you get a better time while you stream your shows. Unfortunately, a common error that you might find yourself running into while using Spectrum is that “You are currently active in another session?”. Luckily, the issue can be fixed by following certain troubleshooting procedures.

You Are Active in Another Session On Spectrum

1. Deployment Going On Server

The most common reason why you could suddenly have this error pop up is because of an issue with the deployment. More specifically, you can run into this error if there is some sort of deployment that is already going on in the portal server.

You will have to try starting the same process after you have successfully restarted the NWDI server as well as the production portal server. Once you are done, you should be able to get the issue resolved. However, in case the issue persists, try following the next step.

2. Using the Wrong ID

Another common reason why you can have this error pop up all of a sudden is that you using your ID to connect from NWDS to the NWDI administrator. If that is the case, then you will have to start by logging out of the NWDS and performing your activity from the NWDI administrator.

3. Using a Different Browser

Sometimes, the issue can pop up simply because of using a bugged browser. In that case, you can either try using a different browser altogether or try clearing the cache and settings of the current browser.

If you are trying to access the website through your website, then you can try changing your device as well. If it works, then try simply restarting your phone, or reinstalling the app if you are using it.

4. Use a Desktop

Only for individuals that are trying to access the website using a phone or a tablet, it is recommended to try using a desktop. We have seen cases where the error message was simply the result of issues that popped up because of using the website on a mobile phone.

If the same is the case with you, then simply switching to a desktop would fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

Getting the error message “You are active in another session on Spectrum” and have no idea what to do about it? You should be able to find the solution to the error through simple instructions that we have listed in the article above.

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