xFi Pods Review: Optimize Your WiFi For More Consistent Coverage

xfi pods review
xfi pods review

In this modern age, where the internet has become an absolute necessity, owning the right router is important. This is because the routers are designed to offer network coverage and direct internet signals at far-off places. This is the prime reason that multiple routers have designed, but nothing can beat the Xfinity pods since they are everything you need to fix the connectivity issues. With this being said, we have added the Xfi Pods Review in this article to help you!

xFi Pods Review

The Xfi Pods are designed to enhance the Wi-Fi coverage for every space that’s struggling with the connectivity errors. These pods will seamlessly eliminate the dead spots and promise consistent network coverage. These pods are integrated with Xfi gateway to optimize the mesh Wi-Fi network, so you can enjoy the high-speed and unhindered internet, irrespective of the range.

The Xfi Pods are designed with a self-reliant and optimizing software through which users are empowered to optimize the internet connection without any network lag (yes, even if you have connected multiple devices at a time). In addition, it helps keep an eye on the Wi-Fi activity through the Xfi app.

Speed & Performance

When it comes down to the Xfi Pods, they are designed to be paired with Xfi gateway, so you can establish and optimize the mesh Wi-Fi network. The devices are plugged into the wall sockets, and the installation will be completed on an automated basis. This configuration helps increase the gateway network reach.

With this settlement, the Wi-Fi network will reach the nooks and corners that help streamline network effectiveness. The Xfi Pods are designed with the ethernet ports that allow the users to wire the electronic devices with proper installation. This way, the devices will show online status. This configuration helps enhance internet speed with the utilization of ethernet cables.

The prime reason for the development of Xfi Pods is that they enhance the network coverage but doesn’t impact the speed tiers of the internet network. For instance, if the speed tier is already offering 200Mbps internet speed, the Xfi Pods won’t impact the speed any further.


The Xfi Pods are designed to work with internet networks and connections designed by Comcast. In addition, it will only create the extended network infrastructure if you pair it with the wireless gateway or advanced gateway. This is because if you don’t have a router or modem, the pods won’t work properly, given the compatibility issues.

In the same vein, if you try changing the network connection from Comcast to some other network, the Xfi pods will stop working. With Xfi Pods, you cannot establish the Wi-Fi guest networks, but it’s equally fine for 5GHz and 2.4GHz connection.

Range & Capacity

The Xfi Pods are designed to cover the range of around 800 square feet, which makes it a fine choice for homes with three to four bedrooms. With this being said, the Xfi Pods are suitable to connect ten devices at one time, which means you can connect the gaming monitors, mobile phones, laptops, TV, and consoles at one time without compromising on the network performance.

Design & Packaging

The Xfi Pods are designed to fit different dimensions of the spaces because it has a portable and compact design. In addition, you can carry them around different rooms. The Xfi pods have a very sophisticated hexagonal design and are designed in white color, which makes it look captivating. All in all, it doesn’t consume much space.


The Xfi Pods are designed with WEP security protocols, which is one of the most advanced security standards out there. With this being said, you will have higher protection from the malicious websites, and its ability to monitor the network activity will help keep an eye. With this being said, you can block the unknown users.

There is no such thing as open security mode in Xfi Pods, which makes sure that you remain secured and protected. This is because open security mode can impact network security because everyone can access the network without even needing a password. So, Xfi Pods will simply offer protection from such malicious attacks.


As long as you have the Xfinity ID, setting up the Xfi Pods will be easy for everyone. This is because you can log in to the Xfi app on your smartphone and add a new device from the menu (Xfi Pods, obviously!). Yes, this is all you need to set up the Xfi Pods and create a secured yet extensive network infrastructure.

Who Can Benefit From Xfi Pods?

The Xfi Pods are perfect for homes with three to four bedrooms that need a seamless internet connection. Even more, if you have multiple stories in your home and struggle with weak signals, you can opt for Xfi Pods. This is because the Xfi Pods are designed to offer maximum internet speed of around 200Mbps and has network coverage of around 800 square feet.


  • The Xfi Pods are designed to remove the dead spots in huge homes while promising the optimal network coverage without compromising on the consistency of the internet connection
  • The Xfi Pods are extremely easy to install and setup because it is designed with convenience in mind (yes, it will self-install)
  • The network infrastructure can be easily controlled and monitored through the smartphone app, which is readily available for iOS and Android users
  • The Xfi Pods are designed to be portable, which means you can take the pods around in no time


  • Only usable with Comcast residential accounts
  • It will only work with the Xfinity Comcast equipment, so it is not the universal router extender

The Final Verdict

If you compare the Xfi Pods with other brands, such as Netgear, it is needless to say that it will optimize the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness. The bottom line is that Xfi Pods are only suitable for people who are already using the Xfinity connection or already have the Comcast equipment. As far as the performance and installation, everything is top-notch!

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