Arris XG1v4 Review: Is It A Right Choice?

arris xg1v4 review
arris xg1v4 review

TV and entertainment have always been an important part of our lives because that’s the only relaxation we get after a long day of work. With this being said, there are different devices that are being designed to improve the TV experience. Similarly, Arris has come up with Arris XG1V4, which is a perfect DVR out there to revitalize the way you experience TV and entertainment. In this article, we are sharing the Arris XG1V4 review to help you make an informed decision.

Arris XG1v4 Review

This is the latest cable box and DVR designed by Comcast with HD support that optimizes the user experience. There is one main DVR box in the set which can be integrated with the add-on cable boxes, so you can watch the recorded shows on TV. The content can be accessed through tablets, laptops, computer, and smartphone all the same. Arris XG1V4 is designed to offer convenient performance and functionality, even if the storage is limited.


This product is designed to offer HD digital functions, which makes it easy to access high-end content with top-notch picture quality. As far as the connectivity is concerned, Arris XG1V4 is loaded with features, such as USB Port, HDMI Port, and the ethernet port. The DVR has been designed with 500 GB storage, and the integrated sports app optimizes the user experience.

The Arris XG1V4 is designed to offer cloud DVR access, and as far as the connection is concerned, you can connect it with HDMI port easily. The availability of the voice remotes streamlines the user experience. One might take time in getting used to the style and layout, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really convenient.

The remote is designed with the backlit keypad, which makes it easy to use in the dark. Also, the voice control and skip feature helps optimize the recording standards. In addition, you can use the smartphone app as the remote control (the app is available for iOS and Android users). Similarly, the smartphone app (remote control) can be utilized for voice commands.

The Arris XG1V4 is designed with the on-screen menus and guides, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that interface has been inspired by the online streaming platforms. This step was taken to enhance the user experience. It’s pretty clear that Arris XG1V4 has a sleek design, but it can be slow in some cases. The lag enhances when you don’t update the software or firmware.

The display has been integrated with different channel logos that streamlines access to different channels. As far as the apps are concerned, it can streamline the functionality and performance. As for the video and audio output, you can use the HDMI and Coaxial F cables to ensure there are no lags and hindrances in the performance.

There are Bluetooth antennas in the Arris XG1V4, which means you can connect the Bluetooth device for streaming the audio. However, the Bluetooth connectivity is limited because you can only pair one device at a time. Arris XG1V4 is designed to be the next-generation video gateway, intended to comply with the industrial standards.


  • Arris XG1V4 is designed with the high-end and well-integrated viewing experience for HD content and on-demand content
  • Arris XG1V4 has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use without compromising on the performance and functionality
  • The users can use smartphone apps for monitoring and controlling the interface


  • The storage is very limited as compared to other products of the same niche
  • There is no power or front panel button
  • There is no clock on the interface

The Final Verdict

For everyone who has been wondering if Arris XG1V4 is the right choice for them or not, the prime aim for the development of this product is to revitalize the user experience with TV. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Arris XG1V4 is the agile DVR, and the seamless installation is something we are in love with. The only downside of Arris XG1V4 is that the storage is pretty limited for people who love to keep recorded content.

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