Wiring DSL With Cat5 (Pros And Cons)

wiring dsl with cat5
wiring dsl with cat5

Users’ experiences vary a lot when it comes to using DSL with Cat5. Some days wiring DSL with Cat5 gives the best internet integrity while some had the worst experience with such mode of wiring. However, for stable and robust connections, you must use water-proof Cat5 cables wired with the compatible DSL internet. The impedance must be the same as the original cable. Wiring DSL with the Cat5 cable can be done for PSTN services or using the wired internet services.

For a better understanding of wiring DSL with the Cat5, we must have an adequate amount of knowledge about both the technologies.

What Is DSL?

DSL is a short form for Digital Subscriber Line. It is an established means of combining traditional audio signals preferred for the voice calls with digital communication used for the Internet connection. It has two distinct functional features. Both are for the internet connection as well the telephonic communication.

Using DSL technology can be highly beneficial due to its cost-effectivity and a wider range of availability. Each internet service provider has a dedicated circuit for the DSL services. However, one drawback of using DSL is that the connection would eventually go down with the distance of users from DSL’s central offices. Although, DSL provides reliable connections with stable speed.

Most of the telecommunication companies enable the DSL on your line. After that, it is your headache to have access to higher frequency digital signals from the company’s box to your computers or other connected devices.

What Is Cat5?

Category 5 cable which is also known as Cat5 is a twisted pair cable extensively used for establishing computer networks. Back in 2001, the variant commonly is used within the Category 5e specification (Cat 5e), which is why it has been named Cat5 cable. The cable standard provides quite remarkable performances of up to 100 MHz which is most suited for the wide range of Ethernet over twisted pair up to 1000BASE-T. one of the applications of Cat 5 is to carry other networking signals such as telephonic signals and video signals. The Cat5 cable is connected via the punch-down blocks coupled with the modular connectors.

Termination For Cat5 Cable:

Cable types, connector types, and cabling topologies for the Cat5 are demonstrated by the TIA/EIA-568-B. Usually, 8P8C modular connectors which are also called RJ45 connectors are being wired for connecting category 5 cables type.

The cable is used to terminate both of the T568A and the T568B scheme. These schemes work equivalent or sometimes mixed when it comes to an installation process.

Many technicians prefer to wire DSL with the Cat5 for stable internet connections. However, even after installing them properly. We face several downturns.

Downsides Of Using Cat5 With DSL Technology:

The experience of using Cat5 cable with DSL has been worse for some customers. Factually, Cat5e wiring has not been designed for lower frequencies. That is why it does not have an appropriate characteristic impedance. This term implies the Cat5 incompatibility with DSL technology that transmits data using telephonic signals. It also says that the frequency and bandwidth they both uses are quite incompatible too.

Moreover, wiring Cat5e with DSL also results in sudden and dramatic drops in internet signals. This slowdown is about three to five times worse than an Ethernet connection.

Perks Of Using Cat5 With DSL Technology:

Cat5 is the successor of the Cat4 and is regarded as one smoother and well-functioning cable than a regular telephone wire for DSL technology especially. Whether it is for wired internet connection or as a regular phone wire, it’s likely going to provide the best connection for the telephone and internet. It won’t affect the performance at all. However, if any issue arises with your existing wiring, then replacing it with the Cat5 cable will help a lot. It would be similar to putting high octane fuel in your vehicle.

Your DSL connection will run to your router or modem perfectly fine over Cat 5 regular phone wire. It would even remove any external voice issues by making the connection smoother than the regular phone wires.

Wiring DSL With Cat5

Using Cat5 with DSL would help in creating a much secure and robust wired connection throughout the house. It can have drawbacks however which solely depends on the user experience.

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