Why Is HBO Go So Slow? 7 Ways To Fix

why is hbo go so slow
why is hbo go so slow

For every Game of Thrones fan out there, HBO Go was the go-to video streaming platform. So, HBO Go is the on-demand video streaming platform through which users can stream the TV shows. HBO Go is designed to offer top-notch service to the consumer base (which it does), but some people are not happy with it. This is because we have often seen people asking, “why is HBO Go so slow?” Well, for every such consumer, we have added the troubleshooting method in this article!

Why Is HBO Go So Slow?

1) Internet Connection

HBO Go is the online video streaming app, which means you need an active internet connection to use it. With this being said, if the internet connection is not working at its top capability, the users will not be able to stream TV shows on HBO Go. Also, if the HBO Go app is buffering a lot, we suggested taking out the router’s power cord and reinsert after a minute. There are high chances that buffering will be stopped.

2) Device Issues

HBO Go can be used on TVs, mobile phones, and even Xbox. So, in the case, if HBO Go is too slow or the functionality is not top-notch, it is suggested that you restart the device. If there were issues with the device, the restart activity would fix the issue. To ensure proper restart, you should keep the volume down button and power button pressed at one time (for around five seconds).

3) App Update

If the HBO Go app hasn’t been updated for a long time, there are chances that it’s causing slow performance and buffering. In this case, you need to update the HBO Go app. The app can be easily updated through the app store, depending on the device you are using.

4) Play Some Other Video

Well, before you blame the internet connection or the app, it is suggested that you try playing some other video, irrespective of movies or TV shows. This is because sometimes the videos are faulty and damaged that can lead to the slow app and buffering.

5) Other Devices

If the HBO Go is not working on one device, you should try using the app on some other device. That’s to say, because some devices don’t offer proper compatibility to the apps, which can adversely impact the performance. So, you can try using the app on the latest phone or use the device that has the updated operating system version.

6) Login Credentials

If you were using the HBO Go, changed the password, and didn’t log it out of other devices, there are high chances that your app is slow because of that. With this being said, you should log out of the app and login again with a new password and username, and the app will work as normal.

7) HDCP Error

This is the rare issue but it occurs when you are using the HBO Go app on the set-top box or the console. In this case, you need to ensure that all the cables are connected properly. Also, you need to check for the cable damages as well because it can adversely impact the HBO Go performance.

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