4 Ways to Fix 200 Mbps But Internet is Slow Problem

200 mbps but internet is slow
200 mbps but internet is slow

The Internet is a commodity that is hard to live without. In our fast-moving world of technology, there are too many things that we need to rely on the internet. Let it be personal communication, business, or education, we need the internet to survive and that is a reality we should admit.

We all want to have our hands on the fastest internet service we can afford and get. That is why a 200 Mbps connection feels pretty decent for most of us who are looking to have internet connectivity for their homes or a small office.

However, if the internet is slow even at a 200 Mbps connection for you, that is quite alarming and you don’t have to face that. There are some things that you need to do about it and make sure your internet is working fine such as:

Ways to Fix 200 Mbps But Internet Is Slow

1. Check your device

To start with, its not always your internet connection that is slow but your device can be the culprit too. There are too many settings and applications running on any device like a laptop or mobile phone that can cause you to have slow internet speed. The first thing you need to do is check it on another device and see if it works for you.

The second step would be to have a speed test software or application that can test your internet speed. This should be enough to let you know where the problem exists and what you need to do to have it fixed. If the problem is with your device, you should start with closing any background applications and it should get better. To make It best, you can restart your device and your internet would start working like before.

2. Check VPN/adblocker

Any VPN or adblocker extensions re-route your internet settings and may cause you to face the issue with slow speed on your internet. If you are facing slow speed issues on your 200mpbs connection, that should virtually not be possible and there is trouble surely. If you are using any VPN or adblocker service, that can cause the issue for you that you need to fix. To start with, you need to check any VPNs and then check your internet speed after disabling the VPN.

If your internet is working fine after you have disabled the VPN, that means you need to change the VPN server to have a faster and better internet connection.

3. Check out for updates

There are auto-updates on several devices that keep running in the background. These updates are constantly consuming your internet bandwidth and that will eventually leave you with slower internet speed for the rest of applications. You need to work on that and disable any auto-updates for a while if you want to have better speed at your internet connection.

4. Contact your ISP

If none of the above solutions are working for you and you are having the same issue of slow speed on your internet connection, it is time that you contact your ISP and have them look into the issue as the trouble can be on their end.

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