6 Ways To Fix Orange Light On Linksys Velop Router

linksys velop orange light
linksys velop orange light

For everyone who has been using the Wi-Fi, they would know that having the best router is an essential part. That’s to say because the router transmits the internal signals to the device. So, if you are using a Linksys Velop router and struggling with Linksys Velop orange light issue. For this purpose, we are sharing the information in this article!

Orange Light on Linksys Velop Router – What Does It Mean?

In case the orange light is appearing on the node, it signifies that the internet connectivity is available but the signals are weak. In simpler words, you are connected to the internet but the signals are too weak to work. In the majority of cases, the Velop router has orange light when the nodes are rebooted. So, let’s see how you can fix the issue!

1. Configuration Settings

To begin with, you need to ensure the correct configuration settings. This is because the configuration settings on Linksys Velop can be disrupted if the Secure Easy Setup is switched on. With this being said, you need to switch off the setup. For this purpose, open the wireless tab in the settings, go to the advanced wireless settings, click on Secure Easy Setup. Then, just disable it and reboot the router. Once the router is switched on, the orange light will be gone!

2. Reset

If disabling the Secure Easy Setup didn’t fix the issue for you, we suggest that you reset the Linksys Velop router. For this purpose, you need to locate the reset button on the router and press it for thirty seconds. After thirty seconds, just take out the power cord and press the reset button for an additional thirty seconds. Now, release this button and the router will be reset.

3. Firewall

There are higher chances that the reset will fix the issue with orange light but if it’s still there, you should disable the firewall on your computer or laptop. This is because excessive firewalls on the computer will result in weak internet signal issues. So, just disable the firewall and we are pretty sure the internet signals will be fixed!

4. Ping

Earlier, there were chances that the orange light could be fixed by disabling the firewall but if the orange light is still persistent, we suggest pinging the router. For this purpose, you will need to ping the Linksys Velop router from the official website.

5. IP Assigning

When it comes down to the IP, you need to make sure that the router is set on static IP. This is because the public IP is not going to work properly on the Velop router and it will adversely impact the internet signal strength. So, just assign the static IP to the router and you won’t have to struggle with the internet issue again.

6. Replace The Router

In case you are unable to fix the orange light issues with the Linksys Velop router, there are chances that the router has gone bad. In addition, there are higher chances of hardware issues. So, it’s better that you just replace the router and buy a new one!

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