Why Do I Have Two IP Addresses? Explained

why do i have two ip addresses
why do i have two ip addresses

IP Address is the Internet Protocol Address that is a unique set of numbers assigned to any device that might be connected over the network. The IP Address needs to be unique in order to make sure that the data being transferred over the network does not conflict or is lost and that it is securely transferred to the right port or the device that it is intended for.

At times you might be seeing two different IP Addresses on the devices or the PC that you might have connected and that might be something that can get you wondering for the reason. However, it is pretty simple and there is nothing to be worried about it. Here are a few things that you will need to know about it.


To understand the concept of IP Addresses and how you can have two different IP Addresses on the same PC, it is important for you to understand what DHCP is and how it works. DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and is embedded on all the routers and modems that you get these days.

DHCP automatically assigns the IP Addresses to all the devices that you are connected with a certain modem or router to ensure that there is no conflict between the multiple devices that you are using on the same network or have connected them over the internet with some router or the modem that has DHCP enabled on it.

DHCP also keeps changing the IP Addresses that suit the devices best dynamically and that keeps the network traffic flowing perfectly. A few key factors that play an important role in getting you those two IP addresses that you are seeing in the network properties are:

Why Do I Have Two IP Addresses?

Mainly, we are getting two different options on the PCs and Computers that are Ethernet and Wi-Fi to connect with the internet. That assigns you two different Network interfaces as well that can be used to connect with the internet and that is plainly the reason that you might be seeing two different IP addresses on the computer that you are using.

There is nothing to be worried about it and it is totally safe. The greater number of network interfaces you might have configured on the PC that you are using, the more IP Addresses will be assigned to your PC in order to ensure that each of these network interfaces can be used to connect over the internet, and the information being transmitted over the network is sent and received at the right intended port.

That also means that you might be seeing more than 2 IP Addresses and you will have to check on the devices and network interfaces that you might have configured. It can also be caused due to some Virtual Networks configured on your PC due to some VPN enabled on them or things like that. So, just keep a track of the network interfaces that are configured on your network and there is nothing to be worried about.

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