5 Ways To Fix DD-WRT Repeater No Internet Problem

dd wrt repeater no internet
dd wrt repeater no internet

With an all-time need for internet connectivity, the absence of internet connection has become the ultimate nightmare. That’s one of the prime reasons that internet users opt for repeaters because they not only enhance the signal strength, but they increase the internet speed as well. However, if you are struggling with a “no internet” error on DD-WRT repeater, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods below!

DD-WRT Repeater No Internet

1) DHCP Server

The DD-WRT repeaters operate on DHCOP servers. The users can switch on the DHCP server on the repeater to ensure there are no compromises on internet signals. For switching on the DHCP server, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, go to the setup option
  • Navigate to the basic setup
  • Move on the DHCP server from the menu
  • Click on the enable

If the internet isn’t working even with the enabled DHCP server, you can hop on to the next troubleshooting technique.

2) In-Address

If the internet signal wasn’t improved with the enabling of the DHCP server, you could try checking the in-address. The users need to ensure that in-address is similar in the subnet as well as the DHCP server. However, if the DHCP repeater doesn’t have an in-address, you need to reboot the repeater. In addition, if the PC doesn’t have an in-address, make sure you manually add the in-address in the subnet, subnet mask, DNS address, and gateway.

3) Encryption Passwords

While fixing the no internet error with DD-WRT repeater, you need to ensure that physical, as well as virtual interfaces, have similar encryption passwords. Even if you don’t have an encryption password on the physical interface, the password should be strong for the virtual interface.

4) Rebooting

The DD-WRT repeaters are designed to portray a high-performance rate, and if you aren’t able to fix the no internet error, you need to reboot the modem as well as the repeater. If there are hardware issues, rebooting will fix the issues (and is tested and proven by tech experts). Also, rebooting will help fix the background issues. So, you need to shut off modem as well as the repeater and wait for at least one minute before you switch them on again.

5) Correct Network

This is one of the silliest mistakes to make, but sometimes, people just aren’t connected to the correct Wi-Fi network that creates this problem. You need to open the Wi-Fi settings and check the connected network name, so you will know if you are connected to the wrong network. Also, some repeaters use a similar network name as that of the router. So, make sure you reset the repeater to gain better insights.

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