DHCP Or Reserved IP For Gaming – Which One Is Better?

dhcp or reserved ip for gaming
dhcp or reserved ip for gaming

Every network device and network switch tends to use IP protocols. These protocols are sued to communicate within the network. With IP protocols, each device is allocated an IP address and usually, users tend to configure the IP address. When it comes to IP protocols, there is reversed IP and DHCP. Even more, when it comes down to gaming, harnessing the streamlined network is important, but is it DHCP or Reversed IP for gaming; which is better? We are answering in this article!


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is used to assign dynamic IP addresses to different devices connected to the network. If you are a gamer, battling between these two protocols can be pretty difficult. With the dynamic IP address, DHCP will assign an empty IP address to the devices that are connected to the network.

DHCP will automatically assign the IP address to the network device (gaming console in your console) with a physical network. All in all, it provides an automatic methodology of updating and distributing the IP addresses and additional configuration information. The best thing about DHCP for gaming is that you don’t the manual configuration for connecting to the local devices.

The gamers will be able to harness access to the web. But it is not all bed of roses because there is downhill because unauthorized devices can connect to the service. With this being said, there are chances of network invasion. There can be explicit permissions and random access to the network.

Reserved IP

Reserved IP will reserve the specific IP address for the computer and additional devices on the LAN. Such devices will always receive a certain IP address whenever it connects to the DHCP server. The reserved IP is the optimum choice for servers, devices, and computers that are in need of permanent IP settings. This is a suitable choice for people who need to remotely manage the devices or share them.

As for gaming, if you tend to play games and share the console with other players, reserved IP will be a suitable choice. This protocol is a better choice for people who have email and web servers.

DHCP or Reserved IP – Which Is Better For Gaming?

The bottom line for gamers is that reserved IP is always a better choice for your community because it helps optimize a streamlined internet connection. There will be no issues with IP blacklisting. The reserved IPs are usually integrated into the business packages because they have a higher priority, promising higher data transfer, and better ping.

All of these factors are essential for gamers. In some cases, reserved IP will also provide higher priority to the networks, and it is suggested that you check it with your internet service provider. On the other hand, DHCP might lead to network issues because gaming is one activity that cannot experience network and internet lags.

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