Why Did My Suddenlink Bill Go Up? (Reasons)

why did my suddenlink bill go up
why did my suddenlink bill go up

Sure, Suddenlink might be the best service provider out there, but the billing issue has been rising up. For all the users asking, “why did my Suddenlink bill go up?” and the users getting excited by no contracts, there is something common; weird fees. So, in this article, we are sharing everything one needs to know about the rise in bills!

Why Did My Suddenlink Bill Go Up?

Is No-Contract Feature Responsible For Higher Bill?

The 1,000Mbps Suddenlink plan is easy with no contracts, and there are no data caps. But the real twist starts with 400Mbps, 100Mbps, and 300Mbps plans. This is because these plans have less price for only one year, while the 400Mbps will work on the said price for two years. With this being said, if the time is passed, the bill will increase.

Extravagant Service Fees

There is an endless list of service fees involved with the Suddenlink network. For instance, there are standard and premium installation fees. Even more, there are network enhancement fees that are added to every bill. So, if you are a new customer and the bill is higher than expected, there are chances that installation fees have been added to the bills.


For every Suddenlink user who wants to ensure promised bills and expected bills, the drill is to repackage your internet package after every 365 days. This can be taken care of by calling customer support. You can calmly share your issue with them, and they are likely to waive off fees ranging from $10 to $60.

Their VIP customer support number is 866-659-2861. Once you call them, tell them that you haven’t repackaged the internet subscription in over a year. Make sure to use the word “repackage” because it helps to pursue them (believe us!). But again, if they don’t listen to you, just ask them to shift you to the retention department because they will surely fix the issue.

Be Careful About The Monthly Statement

In the majority of cases, Suddenlink users struggle with incremented bill simply because of errors in the monthly statement. According to the BBB, Suddenlink has more than six thousand complaints filed against them, and more than 50% of these complaints are regarding the billing issues. For instance, the company would charge a higher bill as compared to the quoted fees.

In some cases, people were charged the installation fee even if it was offered for free. With this being said, if you have a higher bill, it is suggested that you go through the monthly statement carefully. If there are some extra charges that you didn’t know about, it is likely to be the error, so make sure that you check it with the customer support, and they will send a new bill.

Late Fees

If you didn’t pay your bill on time and you were imposed with the late fees, know that Suddenlink will keep adding late fees, and you will be broke before you know it. But if it’s too late and there are huge late fees imposed, just call up the customer support and ask them for a fee waive.

7 thoughts on “Why Did My Suddenlink Bill Go Up? (Reasons)”

  1. Ever since the company was bought out by that at billionaire the service is terrible, the prices have went up and customer service was shipped out of US, nothing we can do but bend over and get ake it.

  2. I am so disappointed in Suddenlink…when you do get a “LIVE PERSON” to talk to ,they are in a different country and you CANNOT understand them. And you CANNOT EVER SPEAR TO A SUPERVISOR. I WISH THERE WAS ANOTHER CABLE-INTERNET AROUND MY AREA!!! I wish someone from SUDDENLINK would call me. I need to talk to someone in charge. And “””PLEASE BE SOMEONE IN AMERICA THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND”””” not “”ETHEOPIA…or some other country!!!!

  3. I have tried all morning to speak to a live body. My concern about the billing this month is the increase. We are on a fixed income and need to know in advance if there will be a increase. We would also like to review one service and try to lower our payment.

    • I don’t understand y my cable bill is always so high since they got bought out by this new company. Y the sudden change is bill pricing . My bill has never been over 140 bucks now it’s no less then 3 or 4 hundred a month . That’s ridiculous. That’s all my bills together totaling one bill .

  4. Just happened to us. Received our statement and it went up $20.00. We are in our 80”s and this is ridiculous.. Suddenlink doesn’t give you any help and as Billy Hussein said u can’t get a live person plus you can’t talk to a person who speaks English. If we had a choice we would dump you faster then your internet. This is not duplicated. June 20,2012

  5. My bill increased by 10dollars 2 months ago. I don’t know why, but I’m not going to call to find out because I have suddenlink for wifi only and it’s great. I’ve been paying less than $20 a month for over a year and I don’t want them to realize how much money they have been losing. I wouldn’t be able to pay more anyways with my income currently, but this company does have some fishy charges, that’s for sure!!!!

  6. Trying AT&T internet, home phone and Direct TV Stream Bundle.
    $80 a month initially. Free installation.
    I’ll see what happens a year or 2 from now.
    Premium channels would be billed after 3 free months if I want to keep them.

    Decided I can’t do any worse than Suddenlink @ 288.00 a month, sorry technicians, horrible customer service, and lack of the ability to make payment arrangements.
    Competition would be the best solution to Suddenlink in this area.

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