What Is HughesNet SmartBrowsing? (Explained)

what is hughesnet smart browsing
what is hughesnet smart browsing

HughesNet is one of the best choices for people living in the rural areas of the US. This is because it’s a reliable satellite internet connection that’s perfect for people who cannot subscribe to other wireless connections. What users love about HughesNet is that they are designed with advanced features, and SmartBrowsing is one of them. That being said, if you are a new subscriber, we are sharing everything you need to know about SmartBrowsing.

What Is HughesNet SmartBrowsing?

Understanding The SmartBrowsing

In the simplest form, SmartBrowsing by HughesNet is designed to make sure the subscribers can continue browsing or emailing properly even if they exceed the monthly internet data allowance. However, you need to remember that it is available in specific areas and only on particular internet or service plans. If you want to use the SmartBrowsing feature, you must have a credit card or a debit card to purchase the internet plan as well as a 24-month service contract.

The plan will be subjected to early termination charges. Having said that, the users who have subscribed to SmartBrowsing-based internet plans will be able to receive and send emails and browse websites or social media once they exceed the monthly data allowance. On the other hand, streaming and downloading the larger files will be challenging as it can lead to slow speed. As far as browsing is concerned, the web pages load pretty quickly, and the email will load fine as well.

The users have the option to check if SmartBrowsing has been enabled or not. To illustrate, you can check the status meter on the homepage’s taskbar, and if the circle is lit up, it means that the SmartBrowsing is active and you are browsing through that. When you are connected to the plan that has SmartBrowsing, you must remember that it will be turned on automatically when you surpass the maximum data allowance for the month.

You can check the circle on the homepage to differentiate between the active download and regular webpage downloads. In case of active downloading, SmartBrowsing will be automatically disengaged, and the internet speed will be throttled again. On the other hand, if you keep browsing or sending or receiving emails, there won’t be any difference in the internet speed.

Additional Things You Need To Know About SmartBrowsing

SmartBrowsing is a great feature for people who tend to run out of the monthly data allowance that’s offered by HughesNet. While we have added the introduction, there are some other things that you must know about;

  • Make sure that you don’t start downloading something when your data allowance is surpassed to make sure the internet speed is not throttled
  • You can check the status meter on the customer page of the HughesNet website to see if SmartBrowsing has been enabled or not
  • If you want to enable SmartBrowsing manually, it is not possible
  • The SmartBrowsing feature is only available with limited internet plans, so you can contact HughesNet customer support to gain information about the service or internet plans that will enable SmartBrowsing

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