HughesNet Meter Not Working? (5 Approaches To Solve)

hughesnet meter not working
hughesnet meter not working

HughesNet is a reliable choice for people who are looking for high-speed internet but only for satellite connections. This is because HughesNet is one of the most promising and affordable satellite internet connections available for the rural population. In addition to a reliable and high-speed internet connection, HughesNet has designed a status meter that allows the users to keep an eye on the data allowance. On the other hand, if the meter has stopped working, we are sharing some solutions with you.

Fixing HughesNet Meter Not Working:

  1. DAPT

When it comes down to HughesNet meter, it is designed to monitor how much data allowance the user has used as well as how much data allowance is remaining in the usage cycle. However, for the feature to work properly, you have to check the DAPT and make sure it is plugged into the IDU port of the modem and the LNB port of the dish. You should plug the DAPT before you turn on the modem and start the installation and setup page. Also, once you are done with the installation and software updates, you can remove the DAPT (don’t remove it earlier than this).

  1. Cable

The correct cable connections are essential to make sure the connection’s features work properly. Having said that, it’s important that you use the coaxial cable. In addition, the coaxial cable should be RG6 because if you use other couplers, fittings, or jacks that don’t have the high-frequency tent, it will create issues with the DAPT plugging, which means the meter won’t work. That being said, if you are using any other cable, switch to RG6 coaxial cable.

  1. Firmware

For all the features and functions to work properly, you need to pay attention to the network equipment’s firmware. This is because the outdated firmware can lead to improper functionality, and the meter not working is one of them. That being said, we recommend that you reboot the modem and router to make sure the firmware update is installed. However, if rebooting doesn’t update the firmware, it’s recommended that you reinstall the SBC file. In case you don’t know how to reinstall the SBC file, it’s better that you call HughesNet’s customer support.

  1. Power Cycle

One of the simplest solutions to resolve the meter-related issue is to power cycle the modem. In addition, if you have connected the router, you need to turn it off as well as the modem. Once the router and modem are turned off, you must wait for five to six minutes before you turn these devices again. When they turn on, wait for a few minutes to make sure they boot up properly. Also, if possible, you should disconnect the power cords as it helps discharge the built-up power.

  1. Security Settings

It is common for people to turn on the firewall as well as antivirus apps on their devices. However, when you are connected to HughesNet internet, these security apps can interfere with the connection and limit the meter’s functionality. So, if you have to use the meter, disable the security settings and apps temporarily.

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